VIDEO: Rafael Nadal Fourth Round Press Conference | Wimbledon 2018

Rafael Nadal speaks to the media after his win over Jiri Vesely.


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  2. Rafa will be the second match on centre court against Delpo tomorrow. Apparently, Novak requested to be on centre court and he got his wish and he is first on. Roger is relegated to
    no. 1 court. Fair play!

  3. Hello everyone. I am a Roger fan and have tickets for the Centre Court tomorrow July 11. Since Roger plays on Court 1 and Rafa on Center Court, is there a Rafa Fan who would like to swap tickets ?

    • Hi Greg, I believe there are some Brit fans here but as you can see not many fans have commented on this particular post. You may want to present your offer on a post where more fans have posted. I’m in the USA but would jump at the opportunity to swap tickets.

      I did read Djokovic’s complaint about court assignments and was surprised he hasn’t played on Center Court yet during this Good for him in embarrassing the tournament.

      In any event, I wish you luck in getting a swap.


    • Dear Greg,

      It would probably make sense to post the same request on RF fan threads (you probably have).

      I would also speak to the Wimbledon staff tomorrow when the grounds open. There will probably be a few with your request; they might have a solution. But, as Roger is playing the first match, there may be less flexibility if you go the official route (less time to sort it out, no returned court 1 tickets released at that point, etc).

      Unofficially, you could always just stand outside Court No. 1 as people go in before the Roger match, and ask if any of them would like to swap. You may get a few Rafa or Novak or Centre Court fans who would be happy to do so.

      Best of luck. Hope you get to see your guy!

  4. Rafa will play del Potro, who just squeaked past Simon to make it to the QF. Rafa will make it to the SF if del Potro plays like he did against Simon.


  5. Silly questions about the conditions, they know wet conditions make them close the roof that benefit the Federer ….But not when sunshine VAMOS RAFA GOOD LUCK

  6. Rafa’s been looking very relaxed and confident on court with great movement. He’s also coming to the net more to finish off points. Long may this continue. DelPo and Simon have to finish their match today and i’m hoping it will go to five sets – better for Rafa! 😜

  7. Rafa all the best in your next game,

    love and prayers,


  8. Ha ha.. not sure if I am the only one but there was impatience in his answers to the press today… its like dont bother me with your stupid questions. Almost a hint of cockiness in his responses like Nole does! His confidence seems to be high. Hope he does well against Delpo and Novak. They are big hurdles before the ultimate final with Roger! I have a feeling if he reaches final he will give it his all to win against Roger!

    • The thing is that he didn’t want to give much credit to the fact of him making the Quarters ’cause he’s here to win. He was actually quite honest about his recent history playing at Wimbledon with some “very bad years”. If you think about it, many of the first questions were similar, besides, not many sport journalists make smart questions nowadays (I see this in football A Lot too).

      I hope he keeps improving and being aggressive today against the great DelPo. #VamosRafa!

  9. Good luck in quarters-you looked strong, confident, and happy. Always so patient with press questions😕😄💪👏👊🍀❣️

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