VIDEOS: Rafael Nadal defeats Diego Schwartzman in Melbourne – hot shot, highlights, interview

Rafael Nadal’s winning match against Diego Schwartzman in the fourth round of the Australian Open 2018, here are the highlights.

Hot Shot:

On Court Interview: 

Rafa’s presser:

Rafa needs a change of shorts! 🙂


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  2. Rafa you sure played an awesome match against Swartzmann.

    All the best for your game with Cilic and I pray it is night time match for you to have some cooler

    I am going to Melbourne on Wednesday so I pray you win against Cilic,so I can see you play too.

    Love and prayers,


  3. Well done Rafa on overcoming Diego who is a very tricky opponent. Good luck in you quarter final encounter with Cilic – potentially an even bigger hurdle, but one I know you’re going to overcome!

    There’s a lovely article on entitled “A different shade of Rafa: watching Nadal live is a somewhat surreal experience”. The author, Oindrila Mukherjee, having followed Rafa since he burst on the scene as a teenager, takes a look at the his AO experiences past and present, his qualities as a player and a person. Oindrila describes how awesome it is to watch Rafa play live and the variety of his ground strokes. My thoughts exactly! Well worth a read!

    • Lorna, I read the article you mentioned and I agree watching Rafa play live is certainly a surreal experience. I have been fortunate to see Rafa play at the Australian Open on three separate occasions and on each visit I also saw him on the practice court . That in itself is quite an experience as you are much closer to Rafa when he practices.
      I would love to see Rafa play in person just once more but getting there from NSW and all that stair climbing at the Rod Laver Arena is a bit much for my 84 year body now.
      But, believe me, I will never miss watching a match on TV he is playing here , night or day.
      When he plays overseas I follow him on the computer. I consider Rafa the most dynamic player on the circuit. ( Sorry Fed fans but I don’t consider you man half as exciting to watch.)

      • Barbara, how fortunate you are to see Rafa play live three times out there. A visit to the Aussie Open is on my bucket list and I hope that I will be able to see Rafa in action there before he finally hangs up his raquet!

  4. H2H Rafa is up 5:1 vs Cîlíc. The lone win for Borna [6-1, 6-3] was at the 2009 China Open.
    Rainier, if you have the time, maybe you can supply a more nuanced take on Rafa’s next challenge vs. Cîlíc.

    Their 2011 AO R16 match score was 6-2, 6-4, 6-3. I am hoping for a similar win like this for Rafa.

    They last met at the 2017 Shanghai Masters where the score was [7-5, 7-6(3)].

    All of Rafa’s wins have been in SS except for Basel 2015 [4-6, 6-3, 6-3].


  5. A brutal match, at times. Rafael was pushed to raise his level, and that may be a good thing for the next match. Bravo-stay healthy and focussed👏👍💪👊❣️

  6. Would have enjoyed this match much more without commentators Darren Cahill and Brad Gilbert. Their personal anecdotes were just that and should remain so.
    Neither have ever won a Grand Slam. …but they now have all the answers for how to do the job. Enough…. The score board was slow and malfunctioning and an update by them would have helped. Also when the screen was divided to accommodate a simultaneous match involving Cilic the score was not legiblle and a closer commentary would have been appreciated. Cheers to all Jean Palmer Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

    • yeh…..these chatterboxes are useless….absolutely doll and rather boring……INSTEAD for future match coverage, try to log on ESPN TENNIS and look for the LIVE link that awesome commentators NICK and YEKO Ulty cover the match. They are not only well informed, know TENNIS AND THE PLAYERS, but are very pleasant, humorist and objectively kind to both players…..

    • It couldn’t possibly be worse than the boring, insipid commentary on UK Eurosports 2 after the match was switched from E1 to make way for Karl Edmund. To add insult to injury, I rely on the Eurosports iplayer for my matches and they have only labelled Edmund’s footage leaving the viewer to scrowl through hours of footage to find any other match they want to see.

      At least Brad Gilbert is generous and kind – he likes Rafa – I love that he always calls him ‘vamos-Rafa’.

  7. What a great match! So entertaining. Diego is such a brutal competitor. I loved their embrace at the net. I know they are good friends. Just love this atmosphere at the AO. Look forward to the qtr final showdown with Clicic. Everyone is bringing it. Vamos, Rafa!

  8. Wow ! Dimitrov looks like he’s the one to beat , he has gone from strength to strength in this competition. Rafa if you come up against him please win the set before it goes to a tie break as Grigor is lethal at them

    • Rafa and the umpire were discussing where he can change his shorts during the match. A commentator mentioned that the tournament frowns upon someone changing shorts on court.

      Another rule mentioned by a commentator is that “the bag has to be at a certain angle and has to match something” … My guess is it has to match “something Rafa is wearing.”


  9. Rafa. Comgratulations all the bay vamossssssssssssss champ love you.🎾🎾🎾👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️🏆🏆🏆🇺🇸

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