Funny video: Rafael Nadal’s pre-match warm-up in Cincinnati

Remember Wimbledon? Rafael Nadal wasn’t making the same mistake twice!

You can also check out the highlights of Rafa’s victory over Richard Gasquet in the third round of Cincinnati Masters.



  1. I too think the bump on the head cost Rafa the Wimbeldon match; good to see him being more careful. After the loss in Montreal and now Cincinnati I see the naysayers are out if force again, and are suggesting his stay at No 1 will be short lived. Whether it is or it isn’t one thing is for certain, Rafa will try his best whomever the opponent and whatever the conditions. Rafa is GOAT.


  2. This was adorable! He was obviously checking out the head room this time. Rafa is just too cute for words. He started slowly against Gasquet, especially with his serve. He got stronger as the match went on. I never felt he was in danger of losing. The humidity is high and poor Rafa sweats a lot. I really hope that he can win this.


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