Hawk-Eye’s failure at Rogers Cup: Where is the ball? [VIDEO]

Borna Coric challenges, Hawk-Eye malfunctions, and Rafael Nadal is pretty bemused by the outcome…


  1. What happened??? Serve!!! Dismal! Need Help with your serve, Isnt Moya helping on that aspect? No killer instinct! Enough of too much practices! Your bodyWill be worn out sooner . U need fresh approach in your team.Uncle Toni has to relax and attend to your Academy, give Moya a SAY! Just a thought, Please Thank you

  2. I’m gutted for you Rafa, but it won’t be long before the next tournament and another chance.

  3. Come on Rafa, Shapovalov is on a high now after taking the second set , and with his home crowd behind him could be dangerous. Get your house in order , and get this match finished, you have to much at stake to let this slip.

    • So many break point chances fell to the wayside. Rafa has only himself to blame for this loss; he had the lead in the tiebreak but nervous play from him and lights out play from his opponent was his undoing.

      Rafa needs to re-jig something in his preparation for hard court matches; he seems to be out of gas towards the end of the third set of matches. Today, he hit very few winners, and that costed him dearly in the 3rd set.

      Another match that RN should have won but he squandered opportunities and let his opponent take the W.

  4. The umpire is scandalously at fault. He would not have done this to RF.

    Go Rafa beat all these Rafa haters and win.


  5. Good luck Rafa in your match against the young Canadian Denis Shapovalov , let’s have a repeat of yesterday’s play , Denis has plenty of time to show us his talent. I loved your birthday message to Roger ” You’re getting old – stop winning, leave something for the young ones.” Hopefully by the end of the year Roger will be saying the same to you ( minus the old of course).
    Your fellow Spaniard David Ferrer is having a great match and has managed to take the first set against Roger ( I’m keeping my fingers crossed) . Would be great if he could knock the competition out.
    Susie ( + Rafa ) and Beverly hope you are both well , I am missing your posts , hope to see some soon 😀

    • Hi, Maria,
      I am back now. Just took a break after Wimbledon. I was very impressed with how Rara played against Coric and the good natured way he took the way the umpire handled the incident of the hawkeye malfunction, which in my opinion was not handled well at all. But our Rafa is a professional through and through. My admiration for him grows and grows, which I did not think possible.
      Roger is having a dream draw but he can’t become number 1 at Montreal even if he wins the title.But winning the title would give him a massive chance to get there at Cincinnati unless Rara has figured out how to get the better of him as in the old days.
      Oh well, back to chewing my fingernails throughout Rafa’s matches again, I suppose.

      • Hi Beverley, so good to hear from you, gosh Wimbledon seems such a long time ago now , and a tournament I lost interest in once Rafa was knocked out. Rafa played brilliantly yesterday and I was hoping for a quick match today as it’s 2.30 am in the UK and I am struggling to keep awake . This second set is a very nail biting time against this excitable young Canadian, but I’m sure Rafa will pull through . The year is speeding past at an alarming rate , but I’m hoping 2017 ends up being a dream year for Rafa with a number one ranking to top it off.

  6. A strange overrule of the rule! I’ve never seen this happen before. In the match with Alex Zverev and Gasquet, hawkeye failed to work, yet they stuck with the original call. Even though Rafa was dismayed, he cheerfully and confidently moved on and let his tennis do the talking!

  7. If there is a malfunction the original call is supposed to stand. It was Baby Chokovic who should have had to live with the original call. No matter Rafa still kicked his ass lol…

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