Rafael Nadal overtakes Roger Federer for the No. 4 ranking in the world


With victory over Austrian Dominic Thiem in Sunday’s Madrid Open final, Rafael Nadal has moved up to fourth in the official ATP rankings, pushing Roger Federer down to fifth.

Britain’s Andy Murray remains top ahead of Serb Novak Djokovic and Swiss Stan Wawrinka.

The current ATP rankings and point scores are as follows:

# Name Nationality Points Tournaments
1. Murray Andy United Kingdom 10360 17
2. Djokovic Novak Serbia 6845 15
3. Wawrinka Stan Switzerland 5605 19
4. Nadal Rafael Spain 5195 14
5. Federer Roger Switzerland 5035 14
6. Raonic Milos Canada 4180 19
7. Thiem Dominic Austria 4035 28
8. Cilic Marin Croatia 3735 23
9. Nishikori Kei Japan 3470 18
10. Goffin David Belgium 3055 24

Rafael Nadal is now also leading the ATP Race to London since he has taken the top spot from Roger Federer. He has 690 points more than his Swiss rival. Rafa can further extend his lead with more wins this week at the Internazionali BNL d’Italia, which Federer is not playing.

Source: ATP World Tour


  1. Rafa have a great rest then all the best for al of the matches in Rome,

    Love and prayers,


  2. Rafa is not petty. It is highly unlikely that Rafa would be glad that any particular player is out of a tournament. If anything, Rafa loves a challenge, “…to be the best you have to play the best players in the world.” After a win, Rafa talks about the “great feeling” of winning a match and being able to go further into a tournament. It is the EUPHORIA he gets from the win, the “positive feelings.” The more difficult a win, the stronger the euphoria. He is in the troposphere right now, and I hope he stays there enjoying those feelings of the win.


  3. Just as I thought, Roger will not play RG. He doesn’t want to get beaten by Rafa.


  4. Well done Rafa. You’ve worked so hard to go ahead of Roger in the rankings. Roger has announced that he will not be playing at RG this year because he wants to extend his career for as long as possible. It comes surprise As he knows how gruelling it will be, especially against the king. So this gives Rafa a chance to get further ahead in the race. Rafa, Andy and Novak must be glad that Roger will be out of the way for the next few weeks! 😀😀😀

  5. Rafa has said- It’s logical that after a hard week, I’ve been playing a lot of matches, a lot of hours out there on the court, I feel like it’s sore, a little bit tired’, ‘Because I’m not walking perfectly doesn’t mean I have an injury. I’m just a little bit sore, tight. I’m 31 years old. That’s all. I think I’ve been working well. I’ve done things. the way they should be done, the way I think they should have been done. I try to do things the best possible way, on the court or off the court, without doing anything crazy. When I care about is being happy. I try to do things that make me happy. But I think that I’m working in the right way for quite a long time. Right now the results are there, and that gives me more capacity to keep on doing things. Tomorrow I’ll wake up with joy, and I will want to do things even better. That’s the joy that keeps you going, that keeps you alive.’

    Rafa on playing in Rome- Well, it’s difficult, whether to choose one option or another, either going to Italy or not. If I don’t go to Italy, it doesn’t guarantee that I will be better shape in Roland Garros. Not going doesn’t mean that I’m not going to be in good shape in Roland Garros. No matter what you choose, no matter what you do… I try to go day by day. Last year perhaps I made a few mistakes. I made a mistake going to Rome. But I think I wasn’t wrong last year because my wrist was injured here, then I went to Barcelona to have a checkup. They said everything was fine, my wrist was fine. They said I could go to Rome. After that, I think it was a bad decision. I think today the decision is completely different, the situation is different. I don’t have any problems, any injuries. It’s a very important clay tournament. I’m playing with a lot of joy. I think what is logical is to go to Rome, try to give 100%. After that, I think I have a few days to rest.’

    Rafa only you know what you can achieve and what your body is capable of, Go play in Rome and carry on dominating the Clay Court Season .

    • Oh maria thanks for that. Yes rafa wasn’t the only one to wake up feeling joyful. Enjoy rome – some good matches being shown so far. I don’t think rafa is playing until Wednesday, looking at tomorrow’s order of play.

    • Maria, Thanks for relating some of Rafa’s comments. He is so sensible and down to earth. No wonder we love him. I am seeing comments from Rafa fans saying he will win RG. That paiins me since upsets can always happen. We all hope that he wins but there are no guarantees. I remember all the posts from Novak fans who said Roger and Rafa would never win again and that Novak would never lose. As we know, things can change.

  6. Well done rafael my sister and I love watching you play you are a credit to tennis the way you conduct yourself on court good luck at Roland Garros I am hoping you get the 10 th title. God bl ess you take care love Anne Marie hollows and Kay McDonald xxx

  7. If anyone is interested dimitrov v del potro are squaring up in Rome about 6.30pm UK time. Now that should be good to watch and seems very early for that match up. I will never forget rafa’s AO semi final against dimitrov. Wonderful match that rafa clinched in the 5th.

    • Hi Susie, watching the match now, good to see Del Potro back on the scene . Can’t wait to see what Rafa can pull out the bag this week. Happy 30th Sir Andy.

  8. Just watched Kyle Edmonds take out sousa which was a surprise as it’s their first match up and Kyle’s 1st time in Rome. RNF do you know when rafa’s 1st match will be after his 1st round bye? Thanks

  9. Carlos said a healthy Rafa could return to the top and that’s just where Rafa is headed. Stay healthy Rafa and you will stay on course. TO THE TOP!

    You will topple each of your nemeses.


  10. Great news of course. Depending on how Rafa and Stan play THIS week in Rome, he could even move up to third. (note: small correction in write up that Rone is playing now.)

  11. Way to go Beatiful 😍👍🏻
    Congratulations Rafa – onwards and upwards 👉🏻👆🏻👏🏻 𗀂𗀠

    VAMOS CHAMP❣️🏆👑𗀑

  12. Rafa siempre fuiste y eres n.1…el ranking no importa…la calidad como la k tu tienes es lo k hace n.1…sigue siempre asi con esa calidad de persona y jugador y seguiras triunfando…TE QUEREMOS!!!

  13. Hopefully rafa can defend his points in Rome to stay at his current ranking of world no 4. He also worked very hard this year to achieve being 1st in the race. Again – well done to rafa. He deserves all the accolades and everything he does is done with such good grace. A true gentleman.

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