Rafael Nadal wins ninth Barcelona Open, equals Guillermo Vilas’ record

World No. 5 Rafael Nadal won the Barcelona Open for the ninth time after defeating Kei Nishikori in two hours and four minutes.

Rafa’s 6-4, 7-5 victory gave him the 49th clay-court title of his career, tying him with Guillermo Vilas for the most titles on the sandy surface in the Open Era.

It was his 69th title as he played in his 101st career final.

After the match, Rafa said:

I was playing against the No. 6 player in the world, and if you don’t play at your best you aren’t going to win.

I served well and that allowed me to play better. In the second set I missed several chances, and at the end it was very close, but I stayed mentally strong.


  1. Rafa Congratulations on your win against Kei.

    ALl the best for your next tournament, i think in Madrid.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your dear Mum.love and God bless,AlaineXX

    • Talking about the fact that Vilas won 49 over-all life-time clay titles, which Rafa just equaled. As a newbie to tennis you may want to google all the facts and stats …… O_O

  2. CONTRATULATIONS TO YOU RAFA, You played your heart out. So very happy for you and your team. You gave your mother a wonderful birthday present. You made all of your fans very happy today, thank you Rafa. Please remain healthy, positive, and very confident. God bless you Rafa. I love you. Marylynn

  3. I agree Nole is the King, King of clowns . You are and will always be the best Rafa. Congratulations Rafa !!! Love you❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • You are, of course, entitled to your opinion, but we Rafa fans should respect all the top players. Rafa would never say that himself about Novak.

      • va4favre – thank you for your comment, I agree completely with you. I love tennis very much, and I am a total Rafa fan, and for that reason I think it is very important to respect all the great players, they all contribute to the greatness of the game. I may not like it when Nole beats Rafa, but I still respect him for the tennis player that he is, and importantly, as you point out, Rafa would NEVER so disrespect to his fellow players. Your comment is the best one here today!

        And VAMOS RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nadal. , you. are. really great. ! Good. results. are. awaiting. you. at. the. coming. French. Open. !!

  5. Rafa, congratulations for winning your 9th title at Barcelona after just winning your
    9th title at Monte Carlo! Also I congratulate you for tying Vilas’s record of 49 clay court
    titles. Vilas was another player I greatly admired and always enjoyed watching in the past.

    One of the best moments of the final today was when the camera showed Rafa’s box
    with team and family, I just loved Rafa’s father’s expression of pride and joy for his
    son, Rafa. Rafa’s team and family are just as phenomenal as he is.

    Kei Nishikori is an amazing competitor. I was hoping Rafa would win the match in
    2 straight sets and he did. This was a super terrific test for Rafa because
    Kei is just as mentally tough and tactical as Rafa. Rafa, of course passed the test in flying colors. Rafa always had his skills set and vast arsenal of weapons intact but
    the confidence last year wasn’t present. Well, it is now. Combine the two, and we
    most certainly have our dear Rafa, “the undeniable King of Clay back!” Again
    the most powerful force on clay to be reckoned with.


  6. Remember… Nole was in M C but was beaten
    Ist round.. they hate him in Barcelona…he never gets invited to play..
    Go RAFA…3 more clay tournaments to win..
    We know you can do it…!!!!!

  7. Really happy for rafa.. nole fans shud just learn to tone it down. Rafa beat nole like a drum until 2010 on all surfaces and still has a good record against nole in the majors.. I suspect even nole will not disrespect rafa the way the fans of nole snd even rafa fans disrespect rafa.. that said rafa at 75% will beat anyone but nole on clay.. so kie had no chance.. however to beat nole in clay.. rafa has to pick up his current level to simethibg approaching 2013 or nole shud drop to pre 2015 level which is still High.. hope rafa keeps this form and stays healthy. Vamos. . Please get back ur 2010 serve rafa.. use those muscles 🙂

    • Novak is the number one tennis player in the world and should be the rest of this year if not longer. He is not, however, the King of Clay. He can not earn it until he wins 9 French Open titles, not to mention dozens of others.

  8. Yes he won because Nole did not play, it is good to see him winning and getting confidence and the tennis will be more interesting and unpredictable of a winner. Djokovic is the king and all other have to eat a lots of Pasulja.

    • Time to take your happy-pill fruitcake, and chill out. Respects to Nole, but if you think he is half the tennis player that Rafa is, then time to double your dose, and lay off the sauce O_O

  9. Yes Rafa! Tying Vilas and winning 2 back to back titles. Watching the match vs kohlschreiber, at times he looked like the Rafa from 3/4 years ago. These wins will give him alot of much needed confidence for the rest of the clay court season.

  10. YES, YES, YES! 👍❤️😃 Congratulations sweet Rafa on your great win 🏆😘👏 VAMOS Champ 🎾💪😅 All the best of luck at your next tournament 😍🍀
    Also a happy birthday to your mum 😊🎂🌸

  11. well done Rafa so pleased for you still our ‘King of clay ‘ keep this up and you will get back to where you belong , at the top , !!!
    Feel so happy he has won yet again this will really boast his confidence good luck for your next match !!

  12. 6-4, 6-1… Did you watch the match? It looked like this would be the score, but ended up being 6-4, 7-5

  13. Congrats to our champion! A very important win! There is still room to improve. It was a beautiful game with a lot of awesome passes from both players! Rafa is still playing too far from the baseline, have to change that! BUT I’ am so happy for our King of clay! Vamos…..

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