Rafael Nadal And Victor Estrella Burgos Play An Exo In Puerto Rico

Rafael Nadal defeated Victor Estrella Burgos 6-4, 6-4 in an exhibition match in Puerto Rico. Here are a few photos.



  1. Great to see that they are televising the doubles again . Nadal and verdasco are a perfect partnership ,they are playing well and have just taken the first set

  2. FTAO Maria & other groupies: Rafa’s photographs in TH ads and elsewhere are heavily airbrushed. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    • Of course you were there at the photo shoots weren’t you…jealous green eyed monster….v Red hot Rafa no contest

  3. Please …..its humble request to all …..i mean if rafa is playing keep criticizing him for play…..if rafa not playing then also take some issue and criticize him …….i mean what is going on its his personal life …….give him a breath of fresh air……………….
    i mean i can understand when someone say about his play …………but to talk about all non stuff play things i think it is so below par to talk on such topics ………please it is a request

  4. I think your fincd that many men these day have hair loss treatment like Andy Murray and certain footballers but if Rafa is happy then let him be , you should know by now that Rafa is not a vain man or materialistic , which is refreshing that is why he is so loved i dont want another Novak or Lewis Hamilton thanks

  5. We are not in the 1960’s now J Beer time have changed since you were a young man. it is you who needs to change with the times you are so old school ,do you think Rafa needs fashion advice from a man old enough to be his grandad . I think not

    • I am indeed old school. But name me any other young man of the modern times, who deals with his baldness like Rafa does. Andre Agassi used to wear a toupet, and he now admits how silly it was. The trend has been the same forever. When balding, shave. Don’t grow long and cover!

      • He still has plenty of hair..why should he shave it off?..again why are you so obsessed with him..it’s unhealthy ..and what’s it got to do with his tennis..he is drop dead gorgeous ..and nothing you or your buddies can do or say that will change that..the little green eye of the little yellow God …you just gotta find something negative to say..sad man

  6. I thought it was supposed to be women jealous of other women”s beauty , not so in the case of J Beer and Miomo . jealousy just ooze’s out of your Pores you poor things . Rafa is everything you wish you were and aren’t. Do you comment when you see how great he looks in the Tommy Hilfiger ads no of course not ,so you have to resort to finding something else . I have to ask myself why you two are so obsessed with Rafa’s hair most normal men wouldn’t even have that thought , you really do need to get a life

    • It is not an obsession, but it is telling. Just like Rafa and Toni stick to the same training rituals, the same (not working) tactics, the same preparation (exact same locations, year in year out), Rafa sticks with a haircut that only fits someone who has a full head of hair. It’s the same type of denial and fear of change. “You are balding Mr Nadal”, “No”, says Rafa, and he covers the bald spot with the hairs from the side. Man up, and shave. Man up, and take a coach.

      • Yadda yadda yadda yawn yawn yawn…same old boring comments..you need to see someone about your obsession!!!

  7. J Beer made a good point. Rafa should get a new haircut. Perhaps shave his head like Andre Agassi did when he started losing it. Or wear a baseball cap like Andy Roddick. Much easier on our eyes that way.

  8. My Thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Belgium today , stay strong against such evil

    • Poor JBeer, if you were as handsome and charming as Rafael Nadal you surely could comment. Rude personal comments.

  9. Enhorabuena Rafa para Puerto Rico, digo siempre que la invencible Arrmada espanol sigue conquistando Sudamerica. Buena suerte para Miami. Fiona en Paris.

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