The Big Face Challenge: Rafael Nadal shows off his dance moves from Shakira’s Gypsy video

Top tennis stars.

8 questions.

Their cardboard faces as answers.

Rafa is so cute. And hilarious!

Video: BNP Paribas Open


  1. I CANNOT believe that this doping matter was given credence by France!!! Rafa is RIGHT in saying he will sue!!! I’m looking forward to seeing this in the courts once and for all time!!! Rafa, MUCH LUCK with your meeting with Verdasco!!!! VAMOS on both counts–France and the tournament you’re in right now!!!! VAMOS, RAFA, NUESTRO CAMPEON!!!!

  2. Awh so funny. I agree with Maria it’s good to see the players having some down time. Vamos Rafa!

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