Watch Amazing Doubles Hot Shot Between Nadal/Verdasco And Bryan Brothers

Rafael Nadal earned a standing ovation after this piece of magic as he and Fernando Verdasco took on the Bryan brothers in a thrilling doubles encounter in Indian Wells. Watch!

Final result: Bob and Mike Bryan defeated Nadal/Verdasco 3-6, 7-5, 10-8.

Video: ATP World Tour



  1. remember one thing rafa

    when ur outside court respect every player whether he is no. 1 or no. 200

    but when u enter the court get ur beast out …….try to win every point ………try to humiliate ur opponent by getting him unsettled by ur play

    i don’t want to see rafa the cool, rafa the gentle guy on court but want to see a raging bull out there

    u lost the fiery eyes and angry face with a opponent demolishing mode attitude …………i am missing that …..please bring back …………….doesn’t care of maturity etc

    we all know u r a perfect gentleman outside court

    nike please get some old long pants for rafa


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