Rafael Nadal saves match point in win over Kevin Anderson [PHOTOS]

Rafael Nadal saved a match point against big-serving Kevin Anderson before winning 4-6, 7-6 (6), 6-2 in the BNP Paribas Masters third round on Thursday night.

After the match, Rafa said:

Very tough match, he served amazing. I feel very lucky to be through. This type of match a couple of months ago I would not have had chances to win. In terms of mentality I (am) more calm.

Our champ will face Stan Wawrinka in the last eight of the tournament.


  1. RAFA, you’re going to trust YOURSELF as always, which is why TRUE RAFA fans love you and will ALWAYS support you. You work hard, it’s paying off and we can see it.
    As always; good luck; your match WILL be thoroughly enjoyed. It is yet to be played and I know you are going to bring your VERY best, because that is who you are. This is all anyone can ask of another in this life.
    RAFA has won many titles, trophies and millions of dollars but HE HAS WON AN INFINITE amount of HEARTS.

    RAFA fan forever.

  2. I watches that Anderson match point live and I must say that lately, more and more, luck is on Nadal’s side at the big points. He lost matches that were as close as this one, many times this season (he broke all his records, when it regards losing). The difference between the October / November Nadal and the one we saw for 15 months in a row, is that he did not give up. He hit that now infamous failing forehand into the net at 5-4 in the tiebreaker, but kept his nerve. He did not give up, like he did at RG against Novak, where he checked out after game 8 of the first set. So there is some hope.

  3. This was the match who thinks rafa cannot win a grand slam any more
    With this match it no doubt he can grab many mor grand slams for sure
    V rafa never doubted rafa abt winning grand slams but with those who have doubt must now dont worry for rafa abt gs
    Winning grand slams not only demands excellent play but a strong mental strenght to fight any situation
    Vamos rafa

  4. This comments goes to Sosa. I don’t mind the good critics but not the ones which are not worth it . Nadal has a great coach (many players would love to have him as coach) Rafa has won with him 14 GS and multiples MS but sooner or later every player goes down due to injuries or lack of confidence (don’t blame the coach)
    Don’t worry too much about Novak, he has two or three coaches but he is not going to play so well forever or the other players so bad. And by the way I have the right to talk about any player and giving also my opinion and with all my respect but moving on Rafa is not a true Rafa’s fan, otherwise he would do much better and smarter critics than he does. Rafa is improving a lot, he is enjoying playing again and with a lot more confidence which is as important as the game , his forehand and backhand is working much better, maybe not his best but it’s closer and closer. And he has had the toughest opponents in the three tournaments so, less critics and give credit to who deserve it

  5. Was a complete boring match as the opponent swinging and making aces …..
    Not much long rallies or good points except the tie breaker
    When u gone to make highlight of this match it will be very difficult bcause only tie breaker in entire match was highlight
    Rafa showed the best of his mental strenght which he is known for…..
    But what about this big acers and ball bashers they make look match so boring
    Was a very touhh match when ur opponent playing such tennis all credit to rafa for coming up
    Rafa was not returning well bcause serve of kevin was too strong
    Rafa did missed some forehand wjich he is expected to hit right
    Have a rest
    And bst luck for nxt match
    Vamos rafa

  6. Bravo my beloved Rafa. Job well done !!!!!!! Way to go.

    Always cheering for you; yesterday, today and tomorrow.

  7. Rafa needs his A game to beat Novak, Roger and Andy. He’s improved his play recently, but is still only playing at 75-85% of his 2013/2010/2008 form. His main weapon – his forehand – is still far too inconsistent. His serve and return of serve – the two most important shots in tennis – are also well below par. Just being “more calm” is not the answer. Rafa has developed major technical flaws in his stroke production that need to be addressed by a KNOWLEDGEABLE coach, not by his uncle. If such intervention takes place in the very near future, Rafa will win 3 to 5 more slams and possibly regain his #1 ranking. If it doesn’t, then what you see is what you get: no more slam trophies and a ranking that hovers between 5 and 15 in the world for a few years before Rafa finally gives up and retires. It’s his choice. I hope he makes the right one.

    • I see that you are watching different matches. He could have beaten Federer perfectly well in Basel but this last one was very lucky in the third set with his service.
      Rafa is playing superb on his worst surface but after to play three tournaments in a row maybe he can’t reach this finals but I’m sure that he will play pretty well in London.
      You should give those “advices” to Roger, he is going to need it more than Rafa for 2016:-)

      • Hi Carol, why do you assume that anyone critical of Rafa’s game is Roger’s fan? Why “Move In Rafa Or Move On” should give advices to Roger?He/she is Rafa’s fan as much as you and anybody else in this site are. Rafa’s game has major flaws that can be corrected and prevent the future injuries. In the past Rafa’s physical strength made up for those flaws. He is not on his early 20s anymore and needs to add more dimension and less costly technical skills to his game. I am really happy that he’s winning but I don’t like to see him get beaten by Novak over and over again. It’ll damage his psyche and confidence beyond repair.

    • Of course I agree with this comment – actually you don’t understand tennis if you don’t agree with this comment. I would like to add that what Nadal and his team are doing now is trying to find the way back to his best. Getting close to his best would give him a small chance to win one more major, getting back to his best, would increase his chances. The big difference however is: Novak Djokovic in the last two years, has made improvements and is a more consistent player than he was in 2013. Even Federer made improvements in the last two years – his form at Wimbledon, especially in the SF against Mount Muzzard, was his best ever (althoug the Fed trolls hate that conclusion, cause a Federer at his very best who loses, confronts them with the reality that he is not and never will be, the real GOAT). In the ideal scenario, Rafa would still become a better player than he ever was – that is what he needs to ge to 17 majors.

  8. CONGRATULATINS RAFA! What can I say. So happy for you words cannot express. I say it all the time, but keep up the positive attitude, and please remain healthy. The best of Everything during your quarterfinal tomorrow Rafa. God Bless You. Love you = Marylynn.

  9. I was in Bercy for Rafael’s match . What a roller coaster . My heart was thumping as he saved match point . Vintage Rafa. More pressure in the third game final set but when he held serve I relaxed as knew he had weathered the storm . He was calm, focused and clinical . The crowd was fantastic and gave him huge support . Poor Anderson ! Nice guy who served fantastically well . Rafael stayed very calm and the spirit and courage he showed was extraordinary . Both players produced superb shots . There were many Raftans near me and we did High 5’s to celebrate . How sport united when we support the same side. I walked back to my hotel along the Seine and sang out of tune with great abandon to celebrate Rafael’s success . Glad he did not hear me!! An amazing evening . An amazing player. How glad I am to supprt him .

    • So excited for you that you got to see this match live, though it was tough going at some key moments. The forehand at match point and the one after, wow. Hitting lots of lines (and one point in final set I believe it was actually out).
      I was driving home on a winding path around a mountain and pulled over on the scenic overlook for the tiebreak so I didn’t have an accident or lose reception ’til I knew he had taken it! Confident after that he’d win the 3rd.

  10. I was in Bercy for Rafael’s match . Wow what a rollercosster! My heart was thumping as he saved match point . Vintage Rafa . Then when he held serve in the third game in the final set I relaxed as knew he had control . The crowd was amazing and gave him huge support . The atmosphere electric. Kevin Anderson served amazingly well but out champion kept calm and focused and worked his way to victory . Some incredible shots played by both . Great to see Rafael almost back to his best , believing and calm. There were so many Raftans near me , we did High 5 to celebrate. Sport is a great unified when we support the same player!! I walked back to my hotel along by the Seine and sang our loud, totally out of tune. That was my tribute to Rafael . Glad he didn’t hear me as I would have frightened him. lovely night in Paris . Vamos to our incedible Rafaaaaaaa

  11. My, my, my what a fighter OUR guy is. He is such a fantastic tennis player who can perform under EXTREME pressure. I was screaming so loudly and VAMOOSING that I now have a headache.
    This is what sport is about the skill, talent, fight, adrenaline, and NEVER DIE ATTITUDE. These are the things we as spectators and casual tennis players love, it helps us to unite when we otherwise cannot find a middle ground.

    I love this sport because of RAFA.


    RAFA fan forever.

  12. Awh amazing Rafa! I’m bowled over with your level of play tonight, classic Rafa material. It’s so evident now that your best form is returning. Vamos Rafa!

  13. Another spectacular victory for Rafa. The way Rafa flys through the court I thought
    he was the player standing 6’8″ tall. Also great effort by Kevin.

    Best wishes for tomorrow’s match against Stan .

  14. I thought he’d lost it towards the end of the second set, especially in the tie break, but then he fought back like the champion he is! Vamos Rafa

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