Rafa Roundup: ‘Now I need to win,’ says Nadal

Photo via Nike
Photo via Nike


“I have been losing matches that I should win. During the season there are some key moments that change the dynamic and I lost all the opportunities to change the dynamic in those key moments.”

“I am happy with the way I am practicing and I’m feeling well I can say,” said Nadal, stressing he has been injury free. “Now I need to win. And I need to be impassioned. I need to keep working with the same intensity and passion and I believe the results will come back.”

“I have accepted from the beginning I couldn’t be at the 2012 Olympics, Wimbledon 2009 defending my title… All these types of things, have been unbelievable moments but also low moments. Everything is part of my career. My mentality and point of view always stays the same.”

The 2015 US Open will require Nadal to find skills he has not fully displayed all year. Hard-court tennis forces Nadal to build points more aggressively than on clay. His two title runs have been highlighted by bold serving, increased net play and more flat forehands struck down-the-line than his bread-and-butter topspin crosscourt drive.

The Fab Five has beaten all other opponents 82.4 percent of the time over their careers. Against one another? Nadal has enjoyed the most success.

“For me it was very important, with all the traveling, to have the chance to do this in my hometown,” he says, adding that while his parents haven’t weighed in on the sexy shots, his sister was supportive: “My sister sent me a message that she saw it and she liked it!”


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  1. We are looking forward to seeing you win, Rafa! We’re glad you are determined to win!!! VAMOS!!!

  2. All the luck in the world to you dear Rafa 🍀😘 May you go all the way 😍😃 VAMOS! 🎾💪 Rafa#no.1champalways#US-Open#herehecomes🌟💖😊

  3. Rafa,

    You are a real “gem” always giving your best,on the court and a real gentleman.

  4. Praying your health and renewed mental clarity will return you to the top! We believe you will. 👏🙏🏼

  5. Rafa, I’m traveling from Florida
    to see you in the Open. I am so excited! Play well. We are definitely
    In your fan club! Will be attending with my daughter, son, grand son and his girlfriend.

  6. As long as Rafa is still playing tennis and competing he will win. There should be
    no timeline for that just play on and it will happen! All his fans love watching him compete anywhere and everywhere!

    Sounds like Rafa has finally recaptured his mojo and confidence.

    Great to see him enjoying himself and having fun with his ad campaign and charity
    events in the big apple!

    He makes us all smile!

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