Rafa Roundup: ‘The best Nadal may return, or he may not’



“It’s not an easy year for me, coming back after the tough injuries last year,” said Nadal, who will spend a few days in Mallorca before flying to Montreal for the Rogers Cup in Montreal later this month.

“Montreal is a tournament I like, I [have] had positive results there, but every year is different,” said Nadal, having won the Rogers Cup in 2005, 2008 and 2013.  The lefthander said his main goal is to keep improving his level of tennis to ensure he has “less ups and downs” than in the first six months of the season.

Rafa Nadal is being rational regarding the hard times that he is currently going through in the world of tennis: “Let’s forget the best Nadal. I’m the player you see before you today and want to enjoy my day-to-day life. The best Nadal may return, or he may not. Now, I am who I am.”

Regarding the last Grand Slam of the season, the Spaniard, while speaking on Cadena COPE Radio, said, “I’m a candidate to win the US Open, but not the favourite”.

Survival clearly was task No. 1 for Nadal last week. Task No. 2, now that he demonstrated he’s riding some sort of emotional coaster rather than spiraling uncontrollably down some dark and mysterious drain, will be bringing comparable mental toughness and skill to the looming hard court Masters events and the US Open.

Nadal’s desire to enjoy his victory and shut out all other considerations Sunday was short-lived. Not long after the trophy presentation ceremony, he said, “Now the hard-court season is starting, it’s a different story. But at the same time, I’ll keep going with the same mentality.”

That mentality has taken him far in the summers past. All he needs now is the game to go with it.

También es muy significativo que con este título, tercero de la temporada, Nadal complete su undécima temporada consecutiva ganando al menos tres títulos. A lo largo de toda la Era Open sólo cuatro jugadores han conseguido este logro. Con Rafa, Jimmy Connors (13 años ganando tres títulos al menos, y los 13 consecutivos), Iván Lendl (12) y Roger Federer (11).

Rafael Nadal of Spain celebrates after winning the final match against Fabio Fognini of Italy at the ATP Tennis Tournament in Hamburg, Germany, 02 August 2015. (Tenis, Alemania, Italia, España, Hamburgo) EFE/EPA/Daniel Reinhardt
EFE/EPA/Daniel Reinhardt


Olvidémonos del mejor Nadal, que siempre estamos con el mejor Nadal. Yo soy el de hoy para vivir el día a día y disfrutar del día a día. Después el mejor Nadal volverá o no volverá o ya está o ya no está. No sé lo que puede pasar. Vivo del día a día y a partir de ahí veremos qué es lo que depara el futuro.



  1. As been posted previously, this is a RAFA NADAL fan site here & the manner in which you comment is not about your freedom of opinion, it has more to do w your mannerism & continuous unflattering, subjective focus……you may wish to re-read your comments , AS well as what you choose to respond / express & see for yourself how you come across. At times you make sense in your tennis knowledge & perceptional judgment, yet it is hard for Rafa’s fans to see the merit of your observations and your wisdom. Rafa earned his 500 Clay tournament & beautifully put forth so much vigor work & practice…. that calls for a celebration & encouraging, thoughtful comments.


    • Ever heard of freedom of speech? Very difficult, dealing with opinions you don’t like? You are so full of hate, it’s scary.

  3. Well done Rafa,enjoy your win and going home in Manorca,then onto Canada,God bless,Alaine

  4. I for one do wish that people would leave Rafa alone, He alone knows how his body is, and his private life shoulb be sacrosanct. he,s just won a tournament for God,s sake so let him be Savvy?!!!! love you always Rafa

  5. No matter what you do or say Rafa you are the Best and always will be, you are unique as a tennis player and as a person if more people were like you the world would be a far better place……Vamos Rafa

  6. After Rafa lost to Berdych at the Australian Open, he said he was sure that he would regain his top form, even if it took him a year or more to do so. Now, only 6 months later, he’s singing a far different tune. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

  7. VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!! : ) Your wise intelligent words are full with wisdom – good for you!!!! VAMOS SWEETHEART!!!!!!!! : ) : ) You are who you are now…. & that is the ultimate strength that you have knowing that….VAMOS!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!! : ) & VAMOS!!!!! 🙂 ci….ci…ci….&…. ci…. Our family highly respects your interview and in particularly the part about “Let’s forget the best Nadal. I’m the player you see before you today and want to enjoy my day-to-day life. The best Nadal may return, or he may not. Now, I am who I am.” That is a fantastic brilliant statement!!!!!! : ) Very happy for you that you keep your profound balance , common sense & wits about you, and you are in charge of your own life & tennis!!!!! : ) ci…ci…. That is true strength!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!! : ) All of us fans always admired your steadfast path that was unique & characteristic to you!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) Your way of embracing everything is deeply admirable. VAMOS!!!! You have passion & determination & at the same time a real down-to earth sensible attitude that is realistic and none pretentious. It is such a rewarding pleasure to view and look back at your brilliant tennis matches, but it is AS wonderful to see your transition into highly evolved human being that you are now. Coming back & winning your 2015 Hamburg Clay Tournament was an outstanding accomplishment….and a truly incredible competitive force………Unbelievable…….. play & enjoy as long as it makes you happy & as long as your health comes first!!!!!!!!!! : ) Thank God you have that in you to appreciate all that you are have such realistic assessment of your strengths , & accepting everything as it comes……
    It is fantastic to see you moving forward free and independent of all the external expectations . Good for you dear Rafa for standing up & delivering your own wise take regarding your career moving forward !!!!!!! : ) Journalist admire & respect your frankness & likewise, your classy, positive attitude won you millions of fans across the globe!!! : )
    I don’t mean to go on & on this is already lengthy…. but I am so excited that you keep up your own thinking based on fundamental practicality!!!! I just wish to mention over the years, your hard work, your results & high achievements speaks for themselves…..you naturally evolved as a spectacular world class tennis Champion……… very special…..and As importantly, we see that you have very dear close good friends from childhood that you stayed loyal to & they adore you….and you have a very close loving family, loving relatives, an excellent knowledgeable team….your country Spain is SO proud of you!!!!!: ) You have made good friends internationally…..and you are an amazing spokesperson for many good companies & charities. God bless you dear Rafa!!!!!: ) Thus, being who you are as you are now IS MORE THAN words can say & for sure is plenty ENOUGH!!!! You are still “THE BEST NADAL” in many facets of your life not just tennis…..and that is AS admirable…… enjoy everything !!!!!: ) (please please pay zero attention to the occasional uninformed comments that are clearly written by other players or their fans but dare take time to write on your fan site…. makes no sense…& are tactless in their aim to place cruel & unrealistic /irrelevant pressure – so please sweetheart disregard their content & focus on the 99% kind supportive fan comments )
    Lastly, your beautiful Sportsmanship On & Off the court is outstandingly impeccable….& as you move forward you are a solid educational role model for the next generation!!!!!: ) It is wonderful that you find important personal time for your positive hobbies such as golf….fishing….sailing, hiking, etc…etc…. With all your tennis accomplishments, you still find balancing time for the family , friends & charity…. God BLESS YOU!!!!! : )
    Enjoy everything as it comes ….. … enjoy playing one point a the time for as long as it makes you happy…… It is very difficult & physically demanding to stay at the top and whatever you do, please FIRST take good care and put your health & personal life before points & titles. You have all of us genuine fans who wish you the best as you are, and as you move forward with your current skills & amazing game!!!!! : ) VAMOS DEAR RAFA & God bless you!!!!!!! Best wishes always!!!!!!!!! : ) Lots of love & happiness!!!!! : ) : )

  8. Rafa has at least two more years to be the best Nadal, he has had a bad year but if he wants he can. He just needs to get his confidence back, then his legs, arms and head will work much better

    • How does he get his confidence back when he refuses to change anything? If nothing changes, then nothing changes. To borrow a phrase.

  9. Rafa know what his body is saying to him ! at 29 with his aggressive style of tennis all the running down of balls and winning 14 slams he knows his body the best. So much wear and tear I really love Rafa and he’s my # 1 tennis player my only reason for loving the game of tennis so I’ll just enjoy him on court and appreciate him every time he steps on court. I wish he never stop playing tennis but reality he’s not at his peak in tennis.Every match is a battle for him and he’s such a warrior will always love him and hoping to see him live on court one day !

    • Rafa says he’s 100% healthy and fit. His problem is mental, not physical.

  10. Rafa is and has been my favourite player for along time but your standard of player at this time is awful and all I can say is GET A GRIP

    • Rafa says “forget about that” – he “wants to enjoy his day-to-day life” – you know – golfing, boating, diving, poker, clubbing, the list goes on.

      At the ripe old age of 29, he says his best tennis is behind him. “I am who I am” – the 9th ranked player in the world – take it or leave it.

      Oh, how the mighty have fallen. So sad – so very, very, very, sad.


      • Yeah Rafa has lost the hard working mentality along the way. He is full of self pity instead of an angry drive that could get him back to the top. His goal: ‘to be top 8 end of the year’ is a joke in itself. To be top 8…to be subsequently be blasted of the court in London? I’d say with this mentality and this lack of changes, make it your goal to at least stay out of the top 8, so that this humiliation will not take play. I’ve never seen a great champion deal with problems in such a weird way. I

  11. Vamos Rafa callales la boca a todos los que te han criticado por tu juego tu eres el mismo de siempre, pasaste por un mal moneto y ahora estas recuperndo tu confidence y tu juego, mentalmente cada juego vas recuperandote, eres el the best player.


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