VIDEO: An interview with Rafael Nadal (Hamburg R2 – July 30, 2015)

Rafael Nadal looks back on his second round victory in Hamburg. Watch:

Video: ATP World Tour


  1. VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!! : ) It is always a pleasure to watch your interviews & be reminded of your sincerity & champion star quality that is apart of your good character!!!! : ) You are precious & so important to tennis!!!!!: ) It is so nice to watch you play and how you find your own creative ways to win matches …… ci….ci…. Congratulations on all your amazing wins thus far!!!! : ) Each match unique & beautiful in its own way and SUCH FUN TO WATCH!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! I admire your fitness & speed & improved serve & your unique strong shots, & your ongoing ability to keep relevant & highly competitive ……..KODUS TO YOU & YOUR MAGNIFICENT LOYAL TEAM!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!! : ) : )
    It will be a great match today & your fantastic game, movement & quickness will come handy!!!!! : ) Have lots & lots of of fun sweetheart & enjoy your beautiful attitude & strong determination & passion!!!!!: ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) & God bless you !!!! : )

  2. Rafa is so a lovely person. He is just the best. On an off the court. Always behind Rafa <3 <3 <3

  3. Rafa’s English has improved so much!

    As for his game, well there’re moments of brilliance but there’re ups and downs during the match. At least he’s able to assess his level honestly and happy with the way he fought through bad patches during the match, good for him. Sometimes I even felt that he intentionally got himself into such situations just to push himself to fight through those and came through in the end!

    I do feel Rafa is too defensive on clay; when he’s younger and quicker, he had no problem with that as he was quick to turn defence into offence. He’s no longer that young and is half a step slow, his younger opponents these days are playing the power game more than anything else, trying to blow opponents off the court. I feel Rafa needs to be more aggressive, steps inside the court more often and not allow his opponent (s) to push him around.

    A power player who’s playing well can blow anyone off the court, just like Stan vs Novak at FO, or Cilic vs Fed at USO, so all the more Rafa has to step up and play a more aggressive game and not allow his opponent to dictate ( the IW and Shanghai 2013 matches vs Delpo came to my mind, one where Rafa dealt with Delpo’s power well enough to win and one where he didnt).

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