Watch Rafael Nadal’s Hot Shot Against Nicolas Almagro – French Open 2015

Amazing tennis! Check out this Rafael Nadal’s hot shot:

Video: Roland Garros


  1. Impressive display from our champion. Happy man who knows that he is playing well

  2. Why does Nadal create such a powerful burst of enthusiasm ?
    Read carefully the posts/comments and you will clearly sense that Nadal’s fans see in him a champion that fights for each and all of us – OFTEN AGAINTS ALL ODDS –
    When we watch him as he puts all his strenght in his wrists we cluch our fists with him and his effort is ours, we try to lend him our energy because it is as if he is fighting not only for himself but for all of us.
    What a prolific subject for a doctoral thesis in psychology !
    In the meantime, psychologists are invited to offer opinions.

  3. excellent rafa !!! excellent reste concentré !!!! allez rafa ! allez rafa ! allez rafa ……….

  4. I woke up and caught the last half of this match. Very solid performance by Rafa in
    3 sets. Almagro’s expressions were priceless.

    Also love Rafa’s two-toned electric blue outfit. Best wishes in the next round!

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