Rafael Nadal loses in third round of Miami Open [PHOTOS]

Rafael Nadal is out of the Miami Open after losing on Sunday in the third round of Miami Open to Fernando Verdasco. Our champ  lost 4-6, 6-2, 6-3 in two hours and 15 minutes.

The Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters will be Rafa’s next tournament beginning on April 11th. Bring on the clay! ALWAYS WITH RAFA!


  1. You are the best tennis player, you need some time to come back after injuries. I love you an I love your tennis style and love to watch your games, does not matter you win or lose. I am sure you will get to your high level soon.

  2. Win or Lose, always with you Rafa. Praying to God to give you all strength, confidence and best form soon. Vamos!!

  3. Deseluda certo pero tiene una victoria para Buenos Aires. Usted es muy bronceado para volver a Europa. ya he escribo que l’aramillo le sienta de maravilla, sigue a llevarlo y buena suerta para el proximo; Su inglés es bueno pero preferio escuchar sus entrevistas en espagnol. Fiona en Paris.

  4. Sad about this lack of confidence. You say ‘easy to fix’. I hope you’re right. Your mental strength always seemed to give you the edge over your opponents. It let you recover from seemingly hopeless situations, like no one else. I hope you can get it back. Love and good wishes…

  5. stay strong Rafa..its all in the game..win or lose..we all love u as a person first..well guys lets Pray for him..because..its really needed to bring up his confidence n game..
    As we saw Rafa”s winning streak all times its pretty hard to digest his loss against these guys..but we should appreciate his effort for every point..i always love the way u come up Rafa..
    I know God’s gonna work for us..Chin up Champion..
    Please don’t cease to pray for him..please friends..:)
    have a safe flight honey..enjoy ur family’s support all the way..

  6. I am sad for you Rafa, but you have the right attitude – Tennis is only a game! Whatever you do, you try to give it your best, n this is what makes you such a wonderful person. I pray for your success on clay. Vamos my boy. Blessings n hugs. 😙😅

  7. Still far to nervous and tentative…come on RAFA you need your confidence back…sorry to say but you need fresh eyes to look at your game…all the other top players have…will support you no matter what but it’s so frustrating because you can be awesome …bring on the clay

  8. I was only able to follow the live score board and it seemed Nadal indeed played strong and was up there competing well…. important to asses each set and appreciate what went well for him. What I saw was that he came back strong winning 6:2 in 2nd set, AND… in the 3rd set, right from the start, he had 2 Advantage break points on opportune first 2 serve games…. That was fantastic to view!!! So the match from the live score board view point appeared interesting & competitive……..definitely positive in terms of Nadal having more play time on the hard court playing strong player…. Certainly, even with out viewing the match, I am guessing Nadal gave his best shot….and that is his strength and passion….so that in itself is always good !!! As a fan I am thrilled that he is back playing….competing & getting stronger with each tournament. Vamos & Enjoy a nice rest Rafa & have a good time!!!! : )

  9. Just wishing Rafa positive, happy and loving thoughts. it is hard to rebuild sometimes but he can do and he will. What makes me glad win or lose is that Rafa always tries his best, and that is why he is my favourite male tennis player. 🙂

  10. Sorry, but this was just bad! Very disappointed:( good flight back to Europe. Vamos Rafa<3

  11. Disappointing. I was sure the momentum of winning the 2nd set would stay with Rafa and give him the confidence he needed in the final set to win. Rafa missed a good chance to lead in the 3rd set when Verdasco served a double fault. Let’s get ready for the clay court season Rafa.

  12. So disappointed for Rafael, difficult to know what happened even allowing for Fernando Verdasco’s big hitting. My heart is sad. Al we can do is continue to support and look forward to clay season. Let us keep faith in our champion,

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