VIDEO: Rafael Nadal travels to Rio de Janeiro

Video: IB3


  1. As Rafa’s fans, it is a respect to provide positive words and energy to Rafa, The gap between no. 3 & 1 is big due to the lay-off period of 7 months. Choose to look at his achievement in the past after injuries would be a good measure rather than be judgemental.
    Always with Rafa!!

  2. Let’s hope we won’t be hearing any of Rafa’s worn-out excuses: ”I can’t find my rhythm” ”My confidence is not at the right level” ”I need to stay competitive to win matches, no” ”My opponent played better than me” ”I assisted him to win” bla, bla, bla.
    Rafa, it’s time to get serious now – You either win or lose more ranking points! Already, the gap between you and Novak is too embarassing to say the least!

    • This is a little harsh, isn’t it? If you don’t think Rafa tries his best everytime he steps on the court, you’re probably not his fan. I’d like to see if anyone can do better than Rafa if they had the same amount of injuries and illnesses. Go Rafa!

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