WATCH: Rafael Nadal’s pre-tournament press conference in Melbourne

Rafael Nadal tells the press he has worked hard in his short preparation time since returning from injury, at the pre-tournament press conference ahead of the Australian Open 2015.

Video: Australian Open TV


  1. Rafa talks about his “short preparation time”, but whose fault is that? He could have had his appendix removed 2 or 3 weeks sooner than he chose to. Myself and many others criticized him for that decision WHEN HE MADE IT, so this is not Monday morning quarterbacking. It’s more like “I told you so”.

    Furthermore, given the circumstances of his comeback, Rafa should have played the Hopman Cup instead of Doha, because he would have been GUARANTEED at least 3 singles matches and 3 doubles matches. He also could have played a few matches in Auckland or Sydney this week had he chosen to – bailing out after 2 or 3 matches so he could rest up this weekend.

    It is what it is, largely because of the decisions that Rafa and his team made. Instead of looking for bogus excuses, he should be thanking his lucky stars that he’s healthy and hungry and ready to play. Not to mention the fact that he’s got a VERY FAVORABLE DRAW, as I’ve previously explained.


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