WATCH: Rafael Nadal’s Hot Shot Against Simone Bolelli In Basel

Second seed Rafael Nadal was quickly into his stride against Italy’s Simone Bolelli, hitting this trademark backhand winner in the first round.

Video: ATP World Tour


  1. Congrate Rafa for the 1st round win. Honesty is the best policy- that’s what Rafa doing when asked by the press, others take it as an “excues” simply because they are not practising this honesty!!

  2. 99% of those who say that Rafa uses injury & illness as “excuses” are Federer fans. They’re very angry and bitter over the fact that Rafa has dominated Federer in their head-to-head matches(23-10), even more so in their slam encounters(9-2). Rafa doesn’t need any excuses. Federer does. VAMOS!!!

  3. We know who are talking about “excuses”, always the Federer’s fans who are desperate lol. Maybe they should remember the big lie about his “famous mono”:-)
    Anyway I would have liked if Rafa wouldn’t have played in Basel and he would have taken care with his appendicitis but it has been his choice so he knows why

  4. Great, Rafa. I’m tired of the comments by dome that you use illness as excuses. Dumb of why would anyone not play for months, losing # 1 standing as a result, if they weren’t really unfit to play. Rafa is honourable. Stop dissing him!!!!!

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