IB3 reports that Rafael Nadal will not play in London at the 2014 ATP World Tour Finals because of appendix surgery

According to IB3, Rafael Nadal will not play in London at the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals because of appendix surgery, but apparently he will play in Basel (Swiss Indoors Basel) and Paris (BNP Paribas Masters).

UDATED: Management of Rafael Nadal reject IB3 radio story that he’s definitely pulling out of World Tour Finals at O2 – though it’s not impossible. “Rafa is playing Basel and depending on how he feels and what the doctors say will decide then, after the tournament, on what’s best.” (via @simonrbriggs)

Video: IB3TV


  1. Dear Rafa, please be responsible and have the surgery as soon as possible! Your fans want to see you playing tennis for a lot more of years. Show the world as always your possitive and professional attitude. We love you and please take care of your health. Vamos……!

  2. Nobody here is questioning Rafa’s injury or questioning how he feels. What’s being questioned is his decision to POSTPONE his appendectomy until early or mid-November, which will shorten his time to prepare for the Australian Open by 2 to 4 weeks, which in turn could make or break his chances of winning that tournament. What is the point of playing in Basel & Paris?!?!? Based on his performance In Beijing & Shanghai, his chances of winning either of those two tournaments look pretty bleak. And his chances of overtaking Federer & Djokovic to finish the year ranked #1 look even worse. Rafa has VERY LITTLE TO GAIN AND VERY MUCH TO LOSE by postponing his surgery. If Rafa proves me wrong in the coming months, I’ll be more than happy to apologize for my poor judgement. In fact, I’ll be absolutely THRILLED to do so. But quite frankly, folks, I don’t expect that to happen. VAMOS!!!

    • I agree with you. I don’t understand the logic behind playing in Basel, Paris or even London when there is obviously no chance to win it. Recovery from appendix surgery or any surgery takes time. I wish Rafa had done it by now and would be 100% ready for AO. I wish the bests for him anyway!

  3. All the best Rafa. Hopefully you will be ready for 2015 and the AO! If you are healthy next year you will be World Number 1 again! For sure. You are the best. We all love you. All the best from Germany. VAMOS!!!

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