Rafa Roundup: Nadal has appendicitis

Rafael Nadal v Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Kazakhstan exhibition (15)
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Rafael Nadal has been diagnosed with appendicitis but has decided to play the Shanghai Masters this week after receiving antibiotics at the hospital to treat the inflammation. The second-ranked Nadal began feeling pain in his abdomen late Saturday, and the next day went to the hospital where the doctors confirmed he had the early stages of appendicitis. … The 14-time major winner said, “I am not going to go for surgery. That’s great news for me today. That’s why I’m here practicing for 45 minutes, and trying to play tomorrow.”

With three of the Big 4, as well as Nishikori and Dimitrov, safely in the other half, it would seem that Rafael Nadal has been given a reprieve from the draw gods. But apparently he has run afoul of the stomach gods—according to on-site reports, Nadal had to skip his practice session on Monday because he has a virus.

The three have combined to win 68 ATP World Tour Masters 1000 titles: Nadal leads with 27, Federer is second with 22 and Djokovic third with 19. They also account for the top three spots in the all-time Masters 1000 match-wins leaders list, with Federer leading the way…

The pair will still be facing off figuratively at the Shanghai Masters, with the winner taking the No 2 world ranking. … If Nadal loses in the second round or third, Federer only needs to reach the final to become world No 2. If the Spaniard reaches the final and loses to Federer, he will still keep his position.

There are younger budding stars and at least a handful of top players who will be favored to defeat him in the next month. The least Nadal can hope for is to be healthy and get in the work he needs to set his sights on Australia and overcome the misfortunes that have plagued him there.

Roger Federer (421.411) y Rafael Nadal (375.482), segundo y tercer tenista del ranking ATP, son el cuarto y quinto atleta con mayor número de referencias en los medios de comunicación en línea globales…



  1. Rafa take care of yourself…you are a fighter and you always come back strong and never back down I hope we will see you hold up the Aust cup this year at the Aust open….. Vamos Rafa❤️

  2. Let’s not go over the top. Appendicitis is often treated with antibiotics. I’m sure Rafa and his doctors discussed the risks (very low). And if it happens to get worse, he’ll stop, won’t he? He’s not a child.

  3. Better not to play now or it will get worse. Your health Rafa is more important than anything including tennis. Get well soon

  4. Rafa, please do not play with such a condition. Please go home and have it treated. Your life is more important than anything else. We wish you the very best in the days ahead and hope you make the right decision in this regard.

  5. Please Rafa, your health is more important than any tennis tournament. Go home,
    rest up and take care of yourself. You have already achieved so much. You have nothing
    to prove. You’re the best! That’s never going to change! Only play when you are 100% healthy. Your fans want you around for a very long time so please take it easy. Health always come first. Get well, soon!!

  6. I had this when I was slightly younger than Rafa ,I had keyhole surgery as it was advanced and was in a band at the time and couldn’t even sing for 2 months as it hurt too much,so if Rafa has surgery it will be a few months before he is fit enough to play tennis,what a pity.
    You must allow the wound inside to heal before playing serious tennis, say 4-6 months?

  7. It seems the gods of tennis try everything to protect the Weak Era King Roger’s fake major record. Now this again!

  8. Would definitely wait to get a second opinion on returning home! What an unfortunate time for this to happen. However if he has to have surgery it probably will be keyhole surgery but any operation takes its toll. So disappointed for Rafael

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