Rafa Roundup: Toni Nadal says Rafa’s wrist isn’t fully healed

Photo via marca.com
Photo via marca.com


Golden Career Grand Slam holder Rafael Nadal is already seen by many as one of the greatest tennis players of all time, and as years have gone by the case for Nadal being the GOAT has gathered real momentum. Tennis legends John McEnroe and Andre Agassi have both confirmed that they believe Nadal is the greatest ever, while the debate rages on in the tennis community on whether the Spaniard, now aged 28, has yet done enough to merit such an acclaim.

The Aces have 14-time major champion Nadal and fellow 14-time major champion Pete Sampras, plus Ana Ivanovic and Sania Mirza. … Having missed the entire summer hardcourt swing with a bad wrist, Nadal should still be fresh in November. And if he once again comes up short at the World Tour Finals, as has been the case every year he’s qualified for the Top 8 tourney, he’ll still have something to prove in 2014. (Even if he does win his first-ever WTF title, he’ll come to IPTL feeling like he has something to prove, because that’s our Rafa.)

The 2014 Barclays ATP World Tour Finals will kick off with a spectacular launch event on Friday 7 November at The O2 in support of male cancer awareness charity One For The Boys, the ATP announced today. … Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal have already qualified for this year’s tournament. The battle for the remaining five singles spots is heating up, with just 600 points separating No. 5 Marin Cilic and No. 10 Grigor Dimitrov.

According to Toni, Rafa’s wrist isn’t 100 percent healed, but the Spaniard will take part in the exhibition match against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in Kazakhstan. Toni also confirmed Rafa will compete in Beijing and Shanghai after the exhibition match. “We will also be full time for the European indoor season, as we will play at Basel, Paris Bercy and the year ending championships in London,” Toni said.

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  1. I would think, they would want his wrist healed 100%, before restressing it again.
    Tennis IS boring without him, and everyone knows it.

  2. Rafa is awesome and the best CLAY player of All time. – but Not on Hardcourt..on Grass..or Most Important the Yearend Finals ! – Rafa can not beat enough top10 players in few days(to tiring) to win it – and Thats why He’ll Never be the GOAT !! .. sorry but this is true in All sport.. you Need to win Champions league..Superbowl..

    • Hate to break the news to you, but in professional tennis, there are 4 Super Bowls, and the year-end championship is NOT one of them. Truth be told, the year-end championship is nothing more than a glorified exhibition event. VAMOS!!!

  3. Despite the fact that Rafa is undoubtedly my all time favourite player among men or women, for some reason it never occurs to me that he is or could be the greatest of all time. I read the statistics and they’re all strong, rational arguments, but whenever I hear it suggested, in an article, by a commentator, by a former pro, there is some part of me that just rejects the idea. Am I alone in this?
    (Definitely going to have to write a post examining why this might be, it’s come up repeatedly of late and my inherent reaction makes little sense.)

  4. Thanks for posting this article. Not only have John McEnroe(7 slam trophies) & Andre Agassi(8 slam trophies) stated that “Rafa is the GOAT”, but so have Jim Courier(4 slam trophies) & Mats Wilander.(7 slam trophies). And yet, none of this will stop gasbags & blowhards in the tennis media – such as Ted Robinson, Brett Haber & Chris Fowler – from repeatedly insisting, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that “Federer is the GOAT.” Nonsense. Rafa is the GOAT, and they know it, even if they refuse to admit it. VAMOS!!!

  5. Great to hear the news that Rafael will shortly return to the courts and light up the tennis world once again . How he had been missed . There are many who appreciate how great his accomplishments but it is wonderful that John McEnroe and Andre Agassi go on record to say that they consider him the GOAT . Add his charm, humitlity, decency as a person and million dollar smile and you have the” Real Deal ” . Rafael Nadal is our number one in every way .

  6. Can’t wait to see our Rafa, hope he doesn’t do any more damage to the wrist. A return like last year’s would be awesome!!! Hopefully his intensity will make up for having his return on what are usually his least favorite surfaces.
    As far as the GOAT article, I couldn’t agree more. I know Fed fans don’t want to admit it, but it has been clear for quite some time that this is the case.

  7. I have always felt Rafael Nadal’s accomplishments had not resonated as well they should have. As more time elapses, I still feel the world will come to realize that he has been under-appreciated. The future will tell how Rafa’s accomplishments will fare! I have no doubt he will be the GOAT! VAMOS, RAFA!!! SIEMPRE SERAS EL NUMERO UNO!!!

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