Rafa Roundup: “I’m trying every day to work as hard as Rafael Nadal does”

Mutua Madrid Open
Photo: Mutua Madrid Open


So what’s the standard for tennis greatness today? Ten majors? Even that might not be enough. Because Federer, Nadal and Djokovic don’t just win the majors. They win everything. The 32-year-old Federer has 21 Masters trophies, six year-end championships, an Olympic silver medal and a total of 79 tour-level singles titles. (Sampras won 64 singles titles total.) Nadal has a record 27 Masters plus an Olympic gold medal. At 28, he has 64 titles overall. Djokovic has won 19 Masters and an Olympic bronze medal. He has three year-end championships and 45 titles total.

Q. You had an opportunity to train with Rafael Nadal. Tell us about that experience, what were the trainings like… How did that cooperation come to be? Borna Coric: “I got that opportunity because our managers know each other. It was an incredible opportunity, comparable to the match against Andy Murray. I learned a lot and had an opportunity to see how the best in the world train. Now I’m trying to follow in his footsteps to prosper. The trainings could be said to be similar, depending on whether I need to work on my forehand or backhand, but the intensity of his training is just incredible and I’m trying every day to work as hard as he does.”

Para el entrenador no le preocupa “ser número 1 o número 2”, pero si que estan preocupados por la derrota ante Nick Kyrgios, aunque Toni considera que Nadal “no tuvo un día muy acertado contra un jugador que le entró todo y por eso perdió”. … El entrenador salio al paso de los rumores que decian que Rafa no se encontraba bien físicamente y dijo que “lleva diez años seguidos ganando al menos un Grand Slam”.

Rafa's mum Ana Maria Parera / Photo: Fundación Rafa Nadal
Rafa’s mum Ana Maria Parera / Photo: Fundación Rafa Nadal

El circuito juvenil de tenis Rafa Nadal Tour by Mapfre celebrará su tercer torneo, tras los completados en Sevilla y Barcelona, en el Club Internacional de Tenis de Madrid a partir de este sábado y hasta el próximo 26 de julio, albergando un total de 250 partidos, entre la Fase Previa y la Fase Final, en los que competirán más de 230 chicos y chicas.

Como extra, además, y desde su primera edición, los organizadores del torneo de golf benéfico han contado el apoyo y la presencia del tenista Rafael Nadal así como de su familia.


VIDEO: Rafael Nadal qualifies for 2014 Barclays ATP World Tour Finals


  1. I have nothing but the utmost admiration for our Champion Rafael Nadal. His tennis career is exemplary in it accomplishments, his work ethic, his strong familial ties, and his utmost respect for his competitors, his fans and friends all over the world. These are values worthy of emulating and promoting everywhere in the world. VAMOS RAFA!!!

  2. Well it takes a lot to get fit as the top guys so u I guess have to pace yourself or u could injure your body and set u back I guess the key is patience I miss u rafa glad to see u back training again

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