Rafa Roundup: Why did Lukas Rosol and Roger Federer criticize Rafael Nadal?

Rafael Nadal sends get well message to former Watford Observer photographer
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Nadal’s two four-set victories over Martin Klizan and Rosol show improvement in several aspects of his game. From the first match to the second he hit more aces (six to 11), made more first serves (72% to 79%), won more first serve points (72% to 75%) and made a huge leap in second serve points won from 41% against Klizan to 62% against Rosol. His forehand is also getting more venomous, with nine more winners (15 to 24) and he is locking down his backhand to only make two unforced errors in four sets against Rosol. It’s the rock of his game that simply refuses to be broken.

Roger Federer has long been the king of the kindly delivered barb, the odd subtle criticism snuck in, almost unnoticed, with a potent sting in the tail. On Thursday, the seven-times Wimbledon champion chose slow play – and by inference Rafael Nadal – as his target, saying that if there are going to be rules, they should be enforced.

‘I think all the players should have the same time between the points. But always the best players, they’re taking much more than the normal players, and nobody is telling them nothing. I don’t know why,” said Rosol afterward. … During the match, he complained to the chair umpire about Nadal’s methodical pacing. ”Somebody has to tell them something. It’s not my fault. I said to the referee if it’s still okay, and he was saying to me, yes, it was fine,” said Rosol.

“Los mejores siempre consumen mucho más tiempo que los jugadores normales, y nadie les dice nada”, lamentó Rosol. “Cada vez que empezaba un juego, no pasaban 30 segundos, sino un minuto. No perdí por eso, pero el árbitro no aplicó las reglas”.

Federer’s comments came on a day when Rafael Nadal was accused of taking too long between points by his opponent, Lukas Rosol, but Federer said he was speaking from one of his own experiences. “I just realize it happened to me,” he said. “I did watch some matches. I don’t remember who it was. But they were playing so slow I was like, ‘Okay, I really—I can’t watch it.’ “That’s why I said that.”

Marc Aspland has received messages from stars including Rafael Nadal, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Alastair Cook, Andy Murray and Boris Becker. The 50-year-old award-winning sports photographer was found unconscious by the roadside in Harpenden after a cycling accident on April 10.

Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova and Roger Federer get the Centre Court treatment, but they shouldn’t face much opposition. Nadal opens play against No. 63 Mikhail Kukushkin.

Now that he is through that dangerous opening phase of the tournament Rafael Nadal will fancy his chances of going deep into the competition. After all, once past the second-round stage he has made the final every year since 2006 with the exception of 2009 when he didn’t compete. He should have too much momentum now for Mikhail Kukushkin when they open on Centre Court.


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  1. I am disappointed at Roger making snide remarks . Perhaps he is under pressure and trying to impose his views on chair umpires . Interesting previous comment re his being ” passive aggressive” remember he had. Fine temper when he started but controlled it to good effect. Roger should do what he does best ; play tennis!! Rosel’s dancing up and down and wringing amused me. He is on his way home. Vamos Rafaaaaa

  2. Fed Ex feels if Rafa takes less time he will win him but nothing can chang the fact that Rafa own Fed Ex and he can’t do anything excepting to whine about time clock on court, he’s looking so old his face is almost smashed in like a rotten potato. He will not win Wimbledon at all. Loser and afraid Rafa will soon pass his 17 slams, Too bad for Fedex and Rosol all losers. 100% jealous of Rafa.

  3. How tacky of Roger to make that veiled criticism of Nadal taking too long between points. He should have the cojones to come right out and say it but Roger has this passive aggressive personality. No backbone

  4. Fed is a f+*&king loser!!! he has been criticizing Rafa and Novak for a long time because he can’t beat them consistently. he can’t even beat Rafa when Fed was on his prime and Rafa was a teen! a typical spoiled kid just like Martina Hingis!!!

  5. watching todays match, ,Rafa seems tired ,, perhaps he is fed-up with these comments and maybe he is sorry ,he is receiving no respect, I agree with all the comments above.
    Fed, and that awful creature Ros: SHOULD LEARN SOME MANNERS,

  6. Nothing to day about respecting others personal property though, Federer?
    I hope maybe someday Rosol or Fognini play you and resort
    to dumping all your raquets in your bag, on the grass, clay, whatever surface youre on!
    the crowd noise makes it IMPOSSIBLE to enforce that dumb
    20 sec. rule, especially without a shot clock, because no one can tell when
    it starts.. Why don’t you and Rosol stop supporting that is so flawed
    as that rule? Its just fear and jealousy from a nobody and a a washed up decent player who got all these accolades invan era where there was barely any competition, until Rafa came around

  7. Rafa has so much respect for Roger and everyone he is is playing against!!it Rosol, his disgusting behavior says it all.It seems to me that there is a conspiracy among, not only the players but officials as well? I hope I am wrong, but this is the second tournament that Rafa is scheduled on other courts that the main court – did anybody hear Rafa complains? NO; all he is saying to play is such a huge blessing!! He is such a great guy, gentle, compassionate winning or losing he will always be in my and his fans hearts!! <3 <3 <3

  8. federer is jealous of nadal recent success .roger should shot up his mouth and stop talking about nadal or he should leave tennis. rosol is just a nobody to be forgotten.

  9. roger federer is an old man and he should give up tennis .what he says i stupid. he is jealous of nadal success recently .

  10. my heart desire you win this match vamos rafa nadal my hero king and matador we always there for you.

  11. Rafa can do everything and I wanna watch Rafa as a Champion again and to overcome Roger for winning more grandslam titles, want Rafa for the best player in the tennis history forever,anyway please keep your single life longer Rafa.

  12. Yes it’s jealousy that makes Federer say this. He should have limited his talk about himself if he is aware that other players’Rafa’ are much better than him, and as well are the only venomous threat for him and his records !

  13. Rafa has so much respect for Roger and it seems Roger Federer doesn’t seem to appreciate it, sad. And for Rosol, his disgusting behaviour says all, just because he was beaten by Rafa, he used a different channel to get even, sad to all these pathetic sportsmen!!

  14. Federer & Rosol just cos Rafa beats u. Rosol u bad sportsman can’t believe u would knock over Rafa’s drink bottle that so sick u r no-one & just everyone remember saying Rafa Rules !!!

  15. Federer & Rosol just cos Rafa beats u & Rosol bad sport knocking over Rafa’s drink bottle u r a joke . Don’t forget the saying Rafa Rules

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