Happy Father’s Day, Sebastian Nadal!

There’s nothing cuter than dads and their kids, right? 🙂

Check out the gallery, below, of Rafael Nadal with his dad Sebastian, who happens to be one of his biggest supporters and fans.

Happy Father’s Day everyone!

Photos via Getty Images, EFE, Fanpop, Rafa Nadal, J. LLado, El Mundo, Hola


  1. ¡¡Muchas Felicidades!! a papá Sebastián, tienes unos padres jóvenes, una novia muy guapa, una Familia de encanto y el tío Tony para darte caña=mucho ánimo con entrenamiento incluido. Que con tod@s ell@s y tu Deporte seas por siempre muy feliz es mi mejor deseo para contigo y los tuyos. Abrazos. C. Javier

  2. Totally agree with Debby. Rafa is so good with kids, me too can’t wait to see him as dad! Happy Father’s Day to Sebastian Nadal.

  3. Happy Father’s Day, Mr. Nadal, and thank you and your lovely wife for producing such an admirable inspiration to us all.

  4. Happy Fathers Day Mr. Nadal hope you have a great Day. your son Rafa. is my most favorite sportsman ever, I know you must be very proud of him.

  5. Happy Father’s Day Sebastian, you done good. Thanks for producing such a fine human!! Can’t wait to see Rafa as a dad, he’s so good with kids.
    And to Fed and all fathers!

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