Rafa Roundup: Rafael Nadal reacts to Roger Federer’s twins

Giego G. Souto/Mutua Madrid Open
Giego G. Souto/Mutua Madrid Open


“No matter how many victories I’ve had, I’m very happy that I can be compared to [Ashe],” shared Nadal. “To be on the same level with [a person] like him, it’s always a great satisfaction for me.”

“I feel for the tournament that there are two important absences in Novak and Roger. I feel for Novak because missing a tournament is always a difficult decision to take and I congratulate Roger on being a father once more. They are two very different situations, one is sad and the other is of great happiness. “For me, though, the tournament hasn’t changed. I am here, I am playing at home and I want to play well. It doesn’t matter whether Novak, Roger are here, or, in the case of Wawrinka, whether they are still in the draw.”

Rafael Nadal felicitó este martes a su amigo y rival el suizo Roger Federer en la pista, tras vencer al argentino Juan Monaco en la primera ronda del torneo de Madrid, por el nacimiento de sus nuevos hijos gemelos Leo y Lenny. “Felicidades a Federer por sus dos nuevos hijos”, señaló el número uno.

It seems oddly fitting that Nadal, famous for his superstitions (which include tugging on his shorts, stroking his hair, and keeping both water bottles at even level), would be stuck on the ignominious number of 13. Yet Wertheim believes that the peculiar rut that Nadal finds himself in is just part of Nadal’s unique career, marked by wild ebbs and flows.

Nobody, but nobody, can hope to beat Nadal—even the B-grade version of the King of Clay that has been on display lately—with as tame a game as Monaco is obliged to play.





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