Sony Open Tennis (Miami), R4: Interview with Rafael Nadal (March 25, 2014)

Luiz M. Alvarez/AP
Luiz M. Alvarez/AP

R. NADAL def. F. Fognini 6‑2, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  You’ll need to get your ears fixed from all the noise on the court.
RAFAEL NADAL:  First three matches I was able to find the right rhythm on court, playing aggressive, playing with no mistakes, so today was a little bit strange match.
I am sorry for Fabio.  I think he felt a little bit, I don’t know how to say, but he felt a little bit close to the hip, something from yesterday.  So was not easy for him to play that match.
But anyway, I think I managed well the situation.  The wind, it was hard tonight, and I was manage to do well.  So I think I played the right match.

Q.  With Fabio, the way he plays and he gets so animated, the arms and the racquets and all that, do you have to concentrate a little bit harder when you play somebody like him?
RAFAEL NADAL:  As every day, you know, I have to try to find my rhythm, try to think about myself, what I have to do well, so I just try to be focused on what I really need to do to play well, no?
Then the opponent is free to do whatever.  Tonight was not an easy match for him, for the conditions that I told you before.
So it was a little bit strange, but in general, I think I was very focused and solid with my serve.  That’s very important thing for me, my game, when I am playing on hard.

Q.  Do you look ahead to playing Raonic in the next round?

RAFAEL NADAL:  Yes, he’s a very dangerous opponent, an opponent that you don’t want to meet.  His serve is huge, one of the best without any doubt, and he’s able to play very aggressive on the return because he doesn’t feel a lot of pressure on his return because he knows that he’s very safe with his serve, no?
So I need to be very solid with my serve, very focused, try to move him around.  That’s the thing that I have to do, because he is able to play and in easy positions.  His forehand is big, and it’s true if I am able to move him then I can be a little bit an advantage.
Problem is sometimes it’s very hard to move the opponent when the opponent wants to hit every ball hard, and especially when he starts the point with that serve.

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  1. il faut que tu gagnes Roland Garros pour tous les jaloux du monde et il y en a qui aimerai etre a ta place moi j’aimerai etre a la place de ta copine elle le sait la chance qu’elle a ????

  2. Happy to watch you playing in Miami Rafa. keep up the good work, hope you will lift the Trophy!

  3. Rafa you’re such admiring person , when i first time i saw u played i already inspired. Thats my first time work in bangkok thailand. Until now still believing u that u are a good person not only in the court. You’re a top player even ur lost or win still humble all the time, even lits humor about you im believing on you. Im your fan from philippines/thailand. Keep it up and more power to you… god bless u always !!! Waiting for ur win in miami… vamos rafa!!!

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