Rafa Roundup: Is Rafael Nadal getting a new haircut?


… Nadal is making his 10th visit to the Sony Open Tennis (30-8). He has reached the QF or better in his last six outings but has never lifted the title here. He fell in three finals: 2005 (l. to Federer), 2008 (l. to Davydenko) and 2011 (l. to Djokovic).

… I adore Nadal’s beautiful, flowing locks. He always comes to see me every year to get his “tournament trim.” His long locks are his signature style, which he will often pair with a bandana — a great go-to accessory if you have long hair. I will never forget when he got it cut and initiated the trend of men with bangs. That was a great look for him.

… “Mi motivación es ser feliz día a día. En estos momentos jugando al tenis soy feliz, es una parte importante de mi vida por más de 20 años”, explicó el mallorquín. “Pero esto no dura por siempre y quiero disfrutar el máximo de lo que me quede”.



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  1. Rafa losing hair and slowly getting bald, that is why he have shorter hair every seasson. Just sayin, but who cares. With or without hair he is still greatest champion.

  2. According to other quotes Rafa always gets his hair cut in New York, I loved the old Pirate Rafa but will take him any way he comes, just awesome

  3. No Andy didn’t say those lines. The comedians on the show did, in a round called Unlikely things Andy Murray would think. He and Kim found it as funny as the audience.

  4. I liked Rafa with long hair in his younger days. but to me it looks better a little shorter, he is the bomb anyways!

  5. Murray didn’t say those lines himself.

    Sport Relief is a charity event they do I think every 2 years to raise money. They involve sports stars in challenges or regular comedy shows.

    Mock The Week is a comedy panel show in the UK where they make fun of things that have happened in the news that particular week. They’ve got a section called “Scenes We’d Like To See” where they’re given a situation & the comedians come up with one liners for funny thoughts about that situation. I actually think that it’s been shown on tv before.

    As the show is a favourite of Murray’s, they invited him along & the particular bit you’re referring to was “a scene they wanted to see” something like “Unlikely things for Andy Murray to think”. The comedians were the ones coming out with all this stuff, but Andy & Kim were really laughing along

  6. Rafa must grow his hair longer again, it looked so great in that style. Love him anyway!

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