New Singles Rankings: How do Spain and Serbia’s Davis Cup losses affect Nadal and Djokovic?

The ATP Emirates singles rankings have been updated. As of 3 February 2014, Rafael Nadal remains steady at 14,330 points, while Novak Djokovic has dropped 40 points due to Serbia’s Davis Cup first round loss to Switzerland, to settle at 10,580. The World No.1 thus leads by 3750 points going into an action packed month. Rafa is vying to attain 750 points that will be dropping off soon at two tournaments (Buenos Aires, Rio) to Djokovic’s defense of  500 points at Dubai.


Since Rafa has no Davis Cup points to defend, and only 10 points in the play-offs later in the year, his ranking will not be affected by Spain’s loss this weekend. Djokovic led the Serbian team to the finals in 2013, where they lost to the Czech Republic. Therefore, he had more points to defend, up to 460 (with varying drop-off dates until next January). Djokovic will be eligible to attain a maximum of 10 points by participating in the World Group Playoffs, the same as Rafa.


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