Rafa answers fan questions and plays live on Pokerstars’ Rafa vs. Spain

Rafael Nadal was live yesterday on Pokerstars.es with friend Joan and his poker coach Alfonso Cardalda to play poker in an event titled ‘Rafa vs. Spain’, where Rafa was pitted against people playing on Pokerstars (team Spain) in a heads-up Zoom poker tournament for one hour. If Rafa won more hands than ‘Spain’, Pokerstars would donate money to charity, which is exactly what happened. Rafa defeated team Spain, and Pokerstars donated €3,000 to the Good Hand Project.

The trio also answered questions live in an #AskRafa session, conducted in Spanish via Twitter and Facebook. Here is the video of the session. Rafa and friends come in around the 6 minute mark. Watch him play poker while he giggles away at the questions people ask. Even if you’re not a Spanish speaker, it’s lovely to watch him relaxing. Enjoy!

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  1. Wow rafa could have second career when he retires of course he’s very smart need to work on poker face though

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