Latest Rankings: Rafael Nadal’s chances look good for year end No.1

The latest ATP rankings have been updated as of October 28, and Rafael Nadal’s points for Vina del Mar have been added to his total, raising his 52-week singles points to 11,670. With no points to defend for the upcoming tournaments at Paris and London, Rafa has the odds on his side to secure the year end number 1 spot, depending upon his performance in Paris. He still maintains a 2060 point lead over Novak Djokovic.


Note: The above table is the Race to London ranking chart. On November 4, last year’s WTF and Paris points will be dropped for those that participated, thereby making the Race to London and the Singles rankings in sync for most players. Stay tuned for ranking scenarios.


  1. Bravo Nadal tu es Le meiilleur tu joues comme un dieu . Merci j attend avec impatience Le tournoi de Roland Garros 2014

  2. Let’s keep it simple WTF and ATP!! Okay, I think I get it, as of today October 28, 2013, RAFA NADAL has 2,060 more points than NOVAK, thus he has no points to defend since Vina Del Mar was added in his pointage, and he still has the chance of ending as WORLD NO. 1 for 2013, correct???? If I am wrong, I bet someone will let me know, OK? Well, whatever, I still want RAFA to end up being year end NO. 1, he deserves it!! After all, he did stay out for 7 months, and then swooped up most of the hard court tournaments, as well as winning 2 GRAND SLAMS, the FRENCH & US OPEN, so I think he should be okay, if not, it will be cool, he has had an incredible year and I think he is a fine player, and a humble person and champion, may GOD bless him…..ok, guys let’s kick some booty @ Paris and at the 02 in London….go RAFA go! Greetings from San Diego, CA tennis fans!!

    • Yes! 🙂 You got it! Rafa has a great chance of ending up #1. What an incredible champion! Totally deserves it! Welcome here and thanks for the comment Maria, it’s great to meet a fellow Rafan. Vamos!

    • Last year’s Paris points was meant. They will be updated with this year’s Paris points, thereby syncing the singles and RTL rankings, as both will be earned this year. 🙂

  3. Why does Paris and WTF points get dropped? Are these points not defended like all the other tournaments? Can you explain how it works?

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