Why is Rafael Nadal very proud of Duck Hee Lee?

But do we who is Duck Hee Lee? He is only 14 and he has been deaf since birth. He communicates through lipreading and a sign language interpreter. Rafa congratulated him on twitter because yesterday Lee picked up his first ATP point.

Photo: Corinne Dubreuil
Photo: Corinne Dubreuil

During the Australian Open0 2013 Lee told reporters that the one thing he finds difficult is communicating with the umpires and officials. He can’t hear when the ball has been called out, and found it difficult in a doubles match when he couldn’t hear an umpire asking him to “wait.” Lee has already won several major youth tennis tournaments. Lee’s father introduced him to the game when he was 7.

The following year, he got a chance to hit with Roger Federer in South Korea and during Australian Open 2013 he excitedly pulled out his phone to show off a picture of himself with Federer and Rafael Nadal. We are so proud of you. Vamos por mas, Lee!

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