2023 Schedule

Where does Rafael Nadal play next?

Check out his 2023 schedule!

Rafael Nadal photo first practice in Brisbane Australia (2)
Albert Perez/Getty Images

Please note that the schedule depends on Rafa’s health and availability, and can change anytime.

More tournaments will be added to the list in the upcoming weeks.

Stay tuned for more updates in case of schedule changes.


December 29 – January 8: United Cup, Sydney, Australia (Note: Rafa and Spain will play in Group D with Australia and Great Britain.)

January 16 – 29: Australian Open, Melbourne, Australia


February 27 – March 5: Dubai Tennis Championships, United Arab Emirates


March 5: Nadal vs Alcaraz, Las Vegas, USA (exhibition)

March 8 – 19: Indian Wells, USA


April 9 -16: Monte-Carlo Masters, Monaco

April 17 -23: Barcelona Open, Spain

April 26 – May 7: Madrid Open, Spain


May 10 – 21: Internazionali BNL d’Italia, Rome, Italy

May 18: Rafael Nadal has announced his withdrawal from this month’s French Open because of the hip injury that has kept him out of competition since January. He will now take a break for a number of months to be prepared for what he believes will be the final year of his career.

May 28 – June 11: Roland Garros, Paris, France


July 3 – 16: Wimbledon, London, UK


August 28 – September 10: US Open, New York City, USA


November 12 – 19: ATP Finals, Turin, Italy


  1. Please add USOpen to your calendar!
    This Spanish lady will be there to cheer you on once more! Good Health #1 of course❤️💪🏻

    • Irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. As is Acupulco. He should play at Indian wells or Miami. Not both. Indian wells suits his game, dry, low humidity, high bouncing. But the surface is slow which is not good for his body. Miami is faster but quite humid, so his chances are less. But at this stage in his career, it’s all about remaining healthy for the slams.

  2. According to Tennis.com:

    Obviously, the objective is Roland Garros. It’s the main tournament for him, but we’ll think about it [then]. Now he has Acapulco, Indian Wells and Miami, so we’ll think about that.”

    According to the Daily Mail, Nadal is still deciding whether he will play Acapulco or Miami, but is aiming to play Indian Wells.

    • Rafa should definitely play Miami, having never won it. When it comes to Indian Wells, I think he has good reason to skip that and concentrate on courts in Miami to acclimatise to the utterly power sapping humidity.

      When it comes to any clay court, needless to say they should not be skipped. A 2000 at least and 5000 (fingers crossed) point max swing could be achieved during the clay court run.

      Don’t believe everything you read in the mail. I don’t think Rafa will skip Acapulco and Miami in favour of Indian wells. There’s three days between IW and Miami whereas there’s nearly a full month between Acapulco and Miami. What the Daily Mail is saying doesn’t make sense.

    • I think it’s good that Rafa is concentrating on Miami. He hasn’t won that yet. Just Miami, Paris indoors and the end of year in Turin to have won every single important tournament in the game. Every tournament is important but you know what I mean, every big event. Some may say Shanghai but he won Madrid indoors which changed to Shanghai in 2008. Most of the events were changed then and the current 250, 500 and masters 1000 system started. Shanghai would still be nice though.

      • First congrats rafa I hope you’ll feel good along of the season that’s my wish for u.
        Now I propose you to move Indians wells tournament and play Miami at that place
        During the clay season make choice between Madrid masters 1000 and Rome masters1000..
        And finally to the end of season play Paris masters 1000 before the master cup if you are qualified.

  3. Go for Miami, Paris Masters and the WTF. (The only big ones missing on your resume). Others are only a bonus (plenty of which will come anyway). With your improved serve, you should be unstoppable on faster surfaces. Evne Wimbys a decent possibility.
    And dont play back to back to ensure no injury. Take a leaf from Rogers 2017.
    Ideally, you should score Miami, MC, Barcelona, Italy, FO, Toronto, USO, Paris, WTF. Sounds a lot but nothings beyond you.

    • Totally agree. Not a lot left to have won everything. It’s easy to say that Rafa has ONLY got this that and the next thing to win but if there’s any force of nature up to the challenge, it’s Rafa. The last man to get the title of “golden super slam” was Andre Agassi I believe. Olympic gold, all four slams and WTF. Rafa can so do it. Bring on the golden super slam! I wonder what all Masters, all slams, Olympic gold and WTF would be called? Golden super banana power slam?

  4. I have been watching rafa for 20 years and he is my idol. I got the pleasure of watching rafa live and it was amazing. He is the ultimate professional. Go rafa. Love the way you conduct yourself. You are the greatest of all time.

    • Bravo Nadal first match singles won 😀. the schedule written here in the an Club is false, the Australian Open is in January, not February. Fiona in Paris

    • Bravo Nadal 😃👑 in Melbourne Final , I have written to him in Spanish Gracias for giving us pleasure with your win. 😀 Fiona in Paris

    • I’ve been watching him since 2004 and consider him the goat of tennis but a few others are also goat

    • Oh my goodness, I so totally agree he’s my hero, such a gentleman at play wish other players would take lessons from him. I keep saying there’s kids watching not good to watch someone smashing there racket. Let’s Go Rafa take it to the end.

  5. Why play ATP cup and Laver Cup that are causing injuries by playing tier 1 players???why why??
    Say No to Federer.
    If they force you, then get your own tournament and ask them to play in return. Can you do that????

    Don’t become a scapegoat. Federer and his team want to you end your career as soon as possible.
    Say No to ATP cup and Laver cup.

    You need titles in your pocket, add some more ATP 250s. Federer has more than 25 ATP 250s and you just 9.
    Team Rafa, Be smart.

    • Yes true…add more 30 ATP 250…start playing clay year round, also just win 2 more ao and one Wimbledon..


    • Your reply is ridiculous Rafa and roger are genuine friends. And roger if decent to everyone even the pig novax

  6. Rafa is a consummate professional … he has everything that makes a champ … he goes on the court and plays tennis … period … there is no acting e.g. rolling eyes, scream and shout, throw things around, pretend to be sick and then come and out and play as if nothing was ever wrong … I could go on and on.. the same cannot be said about Djoko …

    • Hello everybody, no inspiration today. Just wanted to say hello and wish you all a nice evening. So tired with transport problems and cold, windy, rainy days. Make your journeys turn into a nightmare. You know when you leave, but never know when you arrive.

    • Agreed not a Djokovic fan his temperament is not what we want to see, play fair or don’t play at all

    • Absolutely.. Ditto.. Joker never will be loved like Rafa.. No matter what it ends up on paper.. Rafa is tennis…

    • I knew who you were talking about. Djokovic is not liked in many circles because of his antics. Not a good sportsmen. I have to say that he needs to come down from his high horse and see what people really think.

  7. Dear Rafa,

    My husband Demetrios Condeelis so loved watching you play. He got me to sit with him and become your fan as well. In March we got the virus, a mild case, but he was vulnerable and had to go to the hospital.
    Sadly he died on April 10th. My heart is broken. 34 years we were together, married 30. It is strange and hard without him–I am trying to do the things I can and keeping him in my heart. He so loved you Rafa. God Bless you Rafa, Diane

    • Wish you all the strenght, wisdom and… humour to survive this terrible time. May Rafa win for you.

    • I am a die hard fan of Rafa ma’am, got married last year. I make my wife watch his matches too. Wat a lovely life you have shared info with us. Thank you. May you live happy and strong. Lots of prayers to your lost husband. Commenting after Rafa’s 20th.

      • Keep been positive.

        As all my comments do not appear, I take this opportunity to share with you something. All my life I have been struggling to help people, no matter the colour of their skin, their religion, their age, their sexual orientation, their sex. When I was a teenager, I even went to Spain as a volunteer.

        As I see a lot of women participating in the comments, I wanted to point out that since 2005, a lot of things have been done. I have noticed the implication of Greta around the world.

        The next generation is very active.

        For my side, I still have a lot of health and administrative problems but I will keep on reading your comments.

        Have a nice day.

    • Dear Diane, God bless you, n give you the strength to carry on in life. You will always be in my prayers🙏🙏. I am a die hard Rafa fan.

      • Hello Positive thinker, I hope I can stay positive but Everyday I have to carry new difficulties on my small shoulders. I am trying to sell my appartment to go out as quick as possible from this hell place. I sent a message to the agence so that we can finally meet to sign the contract. Actually they are not that reactive to answer my messages. Today I receive an immediate phone call.

        I frankly told my correspondant that I am surprised that such a big company like them, dealing with a lot of appartments in the area, for ages, can not answer my questions about the sale of my flat and that I have to go to meet other people who do not give me full, detailled information.
        From now on, they told me that I, me, gave this confidential information that I even did not have, could not get.

        I am entering the 5th dimension.

        After having taken all information about my flat, she wants to cancel the appointment without telling me who exactly gave her this confidential information.

        I need to know what’s going on. Could someone help me and give me strenght to go there and be in front of them all.

        and if among you, there are some people dealing with the sale of flats, I would very much appreciate a little help.

        Have a nice day,
        All of you,

    • So sorry to read about your husband’s death due to COVID-19 infection. It is so sad he is not by your side to watch Rafa playing this amazing game in clay court

      • Don’t make this site about your problems. This is for Rafa. and how he has blessed the world. I miss him. With out him at this time I find myself not watching tennis. I need to change this so I don’t’ miss the up and comings.

    • Your comments touched me as i also lost my husband of fifty six years. Rafas victory at the australian open would have been celebrated by him. So hard to watch without him. Stay strong

  8. Hello, I have no news from El Guapo. Except playing tennis, what is he doing ? So sorry not to see more photos on the site. I have watched videos on him playing with teenagers and making challenges. When you look at Rafa, it seems so easy. I wish I could be a good tennis player and have a private lesson with him.
    Hope to have news soon.

  9. I have heard that Rafael is not going to play US Open this year. I hope that everything is OK for him. Do you know what is his favourite dishes ? If he likes French cuisine ? Is he coming soon to France ? to Paris ?

    • Yes, he is coming to the French Open, I have my tickets ☺ let s hope all goes well. The seating will be spaced out more than usual. However, atp Paris-Bercy in Nov is not on his schedule this year, even before the Covid scare. His favorite dish is Majorcan king prawns, he likes fish and pasta being a Méditerranéan . Fiona in Paris

  10. Hope that Rafa is doing well. Does he have a problem ? Why has he not played for such a long time ? Anyway, if he plays, it’s OK for me. Even if he does not play, I keep on admiring him for his personality and kindness.
    I hope I can meet El guapo soon.
    A big fan.

  11. Rogers Cup in Toronto for the ATP has not cancelled yet. The Montreal WTA portion of the event is off as the Quebec government has extended the ban on public gatherings until the end of August. Ontario has not made such a declaration.

    It is likely though that Toronto will end up cancelling as well. Both our provincial and federal governments are heeding the advice of medical experts and being cautious especially in regard to having non essential events like sports resume.

    • Medical experts my behind, this is nothing but a big lie, many medical Doctors including experts coming out on social media speaking the truth about this, this is nothing more then a Plandemic, they’ve been inflating the numbers since the very begininng. Doctors have said this virus is easily treated with Hydroxychloroquin, zinc and Zithromax with a 98% recovery rate. most people recover with inn 2 too 3 days.more and more people going out to restaurants and public places because they know of this scam.

      • I cannot believe you are really that stupid to suggest it’s a scam there is documented proof of over nine hundred thousand people dying even America has to admit they have lost 190 thousand lives to corrona, I hope you keep your head burried in the sand though cause that way we can see which part of your body is the real you… your butt

      • It’s people like you that spread disinformation & perpetuate the problem making it worse & costing people their lives. Words matter & have consequences. This pandemic didn’t have to be this bad if it wasn’t for people like yourself & others with tremendous influence modeling dangerous behavior and rhetoric.

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