2023 Schedule

Where does Rafael Nadal play next?

Check out his 2023 schedule!

Rafael Nadal photo first practice in Brisbane Australia (2)
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Please note that the schedule depends on Rafa’s health and availability, and can change anytime.

More tournaments will be added to the list in the upcoming weeks.

Stay tuned for more updates in case of schedule changes.


December 29 – January 8: United Cup, Sydney, Australia (Note: Rafa and Spain will play in Group D with Australia and Great Britain.)

January 16 – 29: Australian Open, Melbourne, Australia


February 27 – March 5: Dubai Tennis Championships, United Arab Emirates


March 5: Nadal vs Alcaraz, Las Vegas, USA (exhibition)

March 8 – 19: Indian Wells, USA


April 9 -16: Monte-Carlo Masters, Monaco

April 17 -23: Barcelona Open, Spain

April 26 – May 7: Madrid Open, Spain


May 10 – 21: Internazionali BNL d’Italia, Rome, Italy

May 18: Rafael Nadal has announced his withdrawal from this month’s French Open because of the hip injury that has kept him out of competition since January. He will now take a break for a number of months to be prepared for what he believes will be the final year of his career.

May 28 – June 11: Roland Garros, Paris, France


July 3 – 16: Wimbledon, London, UK


August 28 – September 10: US Open, New York City, USA


November 12 – 19: ATP Finals, Turin, Italy



  2. The first and foremost important is for RAFA to remain fit and healthy for the next Grand Slam – The FRENCH OPEN’22 and then the subsequent Grand Slams to the extent his physique allows without uncalled for OVERSTRESSING. Prior to that and in between, he should only play tournaments that suit him most with a view to retain match- practice and fitness only strictly in accordance with his Coach and medical advisor’s advice and of course, his own WILL.


    • Rafael Nadal is playing in Indian Wells next. Nadal won all the three tournaments he participated so far in 2022. Mostly, he would not play in Miami. Nadal would proceed to Monte Carlo to start his Clay Season.Being his hardcore fan, I wish & pray his health would be OK& Nadal would win Roland Garros this time.

      • I believe that Rafa is very capable of going deep in every clay court tournament, with a few wins. How great would it be if he did the “clay court grand slam”. Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome then the French open. That’s a 5,500 point swing. If there’s one tournament on clay that Rafa’s going to skip, I think it will be Madrid. The altitude doesn’t agree with Rafa. In my own wee opinion, I think Rafa will gain at least 3000 points in the clay court swing. Possibly getting him back to number one. This is all speculation of course but if anyone can do it…..

      • Rafa is more likely to skip Barcelona than skipping Madrid. Since Madrid is a Masters 1000 tournament, he would actually have ranking points subtracted if he skipped it for non-health reasons. Getting rest is not a non-health reason. So, skipping Madrid would be a double penalty as he wouldn’t get any ranking point plus he would actually get a penalty by havin GB ranking points subtracted. So , if he needs rest, he is more likely to skip Barcelona the week before Madrid.

      • I completely disagree. Rafa is going to play Barcelona. His win/loss record for Madrid is awful, especially considering it’s clay. I still maintain that Rafa will play Barcelona, which he has an excellent record on. Watch this space. if I’m wrong, and he doesn’t play Barcelona but does play Madrid. I’ll leave this forum, never to make a comment again.

      • Please bear in mind. In my opinion, Rafa should play all clay court events, which I’ve commented upon. I was only saying, if he’s skipping one.., it should be Madrid.

        Look at the clay court stats. Madrid is, really not good.

  4. Why is Rafa on Miami entry list? My understanding was that he was going to skip it in favour of rest prior to the clay season

    • This forum is a bit weird. I got an email alert from someone saying something like, why is Rafa on the Miami play list, something like that.

      I’ve never made any secret of the fact that I’d rather see Rafa play Miami than Indian Wells.

      The only reason for playing Miami rather than IW is because Rafa hasn’t won Miami.

      There is a lot of negatives about Miami though. Absolute and utter energy sapping humidity, plus the very short gap between Miami and MonteCarlo.

      Indian Wells is more sensible. If that’s what Rafa and his team want. Fair enough.

      • Rafa would never choose Miami over Indian Wells. At this point in his career he doesn’t care about not winning Miami. Indian Wells suits his game infinitely better, as the courts at IW are the slowest hard courts on the Tour with a high bounce that is comparable to clay.. As expected, he withdrew from Miami officially a few days ago.

      • Ok. Gonna say once more how disorganised and all over the place this forum is. I tried to look for the persons comment to my comment, can’t see it. So I’ll just reply here, with the reply button on my email. Whether I reply to the person, numberone69 still remains to be seen.

        If you look at, really quite a lot of comments I’ve made about Rafa’s schedule, you’ll see that although I want him to play Miami (he has been in the final at least two times). I have said that Miami is a bad choice because of the absolute energy sapping humidity and Indian wells is a much better choice because of the conditions and the time between IW and Monte Carlo.

        Would you like to hear a conspiracy theory? Rafa has tried to get a tennis academy set up in Miami for really quite a while. I think that Rafa is giving Miami a metaphorical slap in the face as his tennis academy, which, let’s face it, can only be a good thing for local young players who show promise, has been denied planning permission from Miami local government. I think it’s a disgrace that Rafa isn’t allowed to set up and build a tennis academy, which could only be nothing but good for jobs in the local area but more importantly, getting new talent in the area and beyond, a real chance of getting somewhere with the invaluable help of the extremely talented coaches etc that Rafa would hand pick.

        That’s just my thoughts on the matter.

        Plus. Fuck you Miami

  5. Rafa hasn’t played Miami Open in years and I doubt he’ll play it this year. He’ll need to be well rested and trained on clay going into the Euro clay swing. But we’ll see. Schedule will be decided by Rafa, his team and, most importantly, his beautiful but fragile body!!! He’s not a kid any more.

  6. Nadal is missing 3 Masters 1000: Miami, Shanghai, Paris, and the ATP World Tour Finals. I know he has other priorities, but getting those 3 will mean he completes them all, which is something only Djokovic has done… it would be awesome if he could do it.

    • He won Madrid indoors which was turned in to Shanghai in 2008. You could argue that he only has Miami, Paris and WTF left but he has to manage his schedule as he and his team see fit. He’s doing Laver cup though which I personally think is a mistake although there’s millions of reasons for him to play that. Ha hem.

    • Shanghai he already won as it used to be at another place previously. It was considered Rafa won shanghai. Only two he needs to win Miami and Paris. Miami has changed its location to a new place and Rafa never played in that new location. Rafa must consider playing Miami. Lots of spanish fans there.

      • I completely agree that Rafa should play Miami, he’s been in the final of the event. Ok, this is pure guesswork. I believe Rafa has been in the final of Miami, Paris, Shanghai and the World tour finals. Guesswork, but I’m sure I’m right. He can win these events, there’s no denying it.

        I love it when people say that Rafa’s worse surface is Grass…WRONG! It’s indoor hard. Rafa has only won one indoor hard court ATP tournament. Madrid 2005. More guesswork I’m afraid but he has probably won on indoor hard playing Davis Cup in several years.

        When it comes to the ATP tour. Indoor championship wins remain sadly elusive. I think he’s up to the challenge though and can win indoors. It’s nothing to do with his “new serve” or what side of the draw he’s on. It’s all about Rafa having the will and the determination to win these events. No other player has the will, determination and drive that Rafa has.

        Go Nads!

      • The original place that changed to Shanghai or Paris in 2008, when everything changed, well, most things anyway, to the current 250, 500 and masters 1000 series was Madrid Masters indoors, 2005. The only indoor tournament that rafa has won, can you believe that?? I mean indoor event on the ATP tour. I’m sure he’s won Davis Cup events and exhibitions on indoor hard but when it comes to the ATP tour, it’s sad to say that you have to go back nearly 17 years for his last indoor tournament victory.

        the current Masters 1000 series is a strange one to guage when you think of post and pre 2008. Does Rafa’s Madrid indoor masters count as the current day Paris masters (indoors hard) or Shanghai masters (outdoor hard)? Would depend on if you’re going by date of year or surface. Please discuss.

        Either way, he has one of those two in the bag so he has less to tick off the resume than one may think.

        It’s just so heartbreaking that Rafa is, sorry for this, really, really sorry… not that great on indoor hard. He’s still great, as his many indoor finals and great victories in semis, quarters and round robins will atest to but when it comes to finals, Rafa may play an amazing game but, well… Ye know. It’s a shame. I don’t like thinking about it too much to be fair. I honestly believe though that this is Rafa’s year to grab the indoor courts by the balls and squeeze them tight. Never count trusty Rafa out. Think I just did a dirty limerick there.

        Go Nads!

    • Djokovic hasn’t won singles Olympic gold. That’s one thing that nadal will always have over that unashamed plague carrier.

  7. Nadal please add Miami open which is not your illustrating record
    Best of luck for Mexican open final all set win

    • How much do I want Rafa to play Miami and win it. I’ve seen a court side interview before a Miami final (I believe he’s been in a few). Rafa said that winning Miami wouldn’t be a defining moment in his career. Basically that if he never won it, it wouldn’t matter. That’s what I took away from the interview, it’s also a real glimpse in to Rafa’s brain, I feel.

      I honestly think it’s the fans that want total completion (Olympic gold, all four slams, world tour finals, all modern masters 1000s (post 2008)) more than Rafa does. I’m afraid to say, I’m one of those . completionists, (Stoopid iPhone says completionists isn’t a word, it’s a fucking word!!! It’s a noun, completionist solo, completionists, plural. Dumb ass iPhone). Rafa said fuck live on telly so I’m gonna say it too. Fuck you iPhone autocorrect.

      Where was I. Yeah, I so want Rafa to achieve everything, even if the great man himself doesn’t think that a particular “missing tournament” is of major import. I’m confused a bit. Probably too much green. Eating that shit comes on slow but after a while. Badoooomf. Hello! Where was I? Lol.

      Yeah. Win everything! Completionist!!!!!

      Go Nads!

  8. Vamos Rafa you are the Spanish tennis gladiator for sure ! Whatever suits your body best ….Vamos for 22 in years 2022 …tu puedes mas que nadie mas …


    • I don’t know how to comment directly on the schedule so I’m replying to John Wilson’s message.

      Everything has been said about what you can/should achieve. As far as I’m concerned, regardless of the tournament. Just play one point at a time.

  9. If Rafa and his team think this schedule suits him best then great. They know better than anyone. Best of luck with all your preparation and tournament play through the year!

  10. In agreement with the above comments, Miami is too important a tournament to be missing from Rafas resume.
    With his improved serve, it is quite achievable.
    And playing hardcourts back to back makes no sense, so it should be Miami. I wont even recommend back to back on clay. But trust him to make the proper call.

    Also the WTF is necessary. It is a setback for the WTF that Nadals name is not on its list of winners.

    • I think that Rafa should not skip any clay tournament, despite them being back to back. That’s a maximum 5,500 point swing! He’s done it before. If any clay court event should be skipped, it would be Madrid, the altitude doesn’t seem to agree with him.

      I’ve just noticed a new tournament, as in, I’ve never noticed it before, 250 event, grass, 19th June, Mallorca championships. that would be great for his local fans to be tranfixed by their hero.

      It would be nice if he threw in a cheeky clay court tournament after wimblers. Hamburg, 18th July, Rafa hasn’t played in Hamburg since he won it in 2015. Cheeky 500 points up for grabs.

      What about the hard courts before the US Open, he’s always done well in Canada, regardless of venue (5 times winner) and Cincinnati too (5 times winner). There’s a big juicy bucket load of cash for winning the three: Canada, Cincinnati then US Open. Easy peasy:P

      Please don’t take anything I’ve said too seriously at all. Rafa probably won’t play anything I’ve mentioned apart from the masters and US Open. Just having a bit of speculative fun.

  11. Indian Wells courts are slow so a good chance at 1000 hard court points. Assuming a deep run at IW, Miami is too soon of hard court wear on the body taking away from transition to clay court season. I think the bigger question is why go to Madrid at altitude and loose confidence without gaining many points (the outcome in recent years) – better to take more rest instead for Rome and Paris. Look how well Rafa does with lots of rest – AO finals in ’17 and ’22 coming off months of rest.

    • LOL. Rafa lost the Australian open in 2017. He was a break up in the final set against Federer. Then in 2012, he was a break up in the final set against Djokobitch. He ended up losing both, from a break up in the fifth. Totally tragic. Could you imagine his Grand slam count being 23 to both Djokobitch and Fed having 19?

      Even Nads himslf, doing an interview on Eurosport said something along the lines of, “oh fuck, it’s going to be like 2012 and 2017 again”, because He was a break up in the fifth then Med broke back. Rafa had the will and the determination to get past Medvedev though, very admirable.

  12. I’ve watched since his first win. Make decisions best for you , your body and your life. I love watching you play as you love the game. One word get over Novak. There seems to be a mental thing when you play him. You can beat him

  13. please dont overdo your tennis activities, I just hate to know you feel destroyed after a match and that must be awful for your wife too.

  14. Please add USOpen to your calendar!
    This Spanish lady will be there to cheer you on once more! Good Health #1 of course❤️💪🏻

    • Irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. As is Acupulco. He should play at Indian wells or Miami. Not both. Indian wells suits his game, dry, low humidity, high bouncing. But the surface is slow which is not good for his body. Miami is faster but quite humid, so his chances are less. But at this stage in his career, it’s all about remaining healthy for the slams.

  15. According to Tennis.com:

    Obviously, the objective is Roland Garros. It’s the main tournament for him, but we’ll think about it [then]. Now he has Acapulco, Indian Wells and Miami, so we’ll think about that.”

    According to the Daily Mail, Nadal is still deciding whether he will play Acapulco or Miami, but is aiming to play Indian Wells.

    • Rafa should definitely play Miami, having never won it. When it comes to Indian Wells, I think he has good reason to skip that and concentrate on courts in Miami to acclimatise to the utterly power sapping humidity.

      When it comes to any clay court, needless to say they should not be skipped. A 2000 at least and 5000 (fingers crossed) point max swing could be achieved during the clay court run.

      Don’t believe everything you read in the mail. I don’t think Rafa will skip Acapulco and Miami in favour of Indian wells. There’s three days between IW and Miami whereas there’s nearly a full month between Acapulco and Miami. What the Daily Mail is saying doesn’t make sense.

    • I think it’s good that Rafa is concentrating on Miami. He hasn’t won that yet. Just Miami, Paris indoors and the end of year in Turin to have won every single important tournament in the game. Every tournament is important but you know what I mean, every big event. Some may say Shanghai but he won Madrid indoors which changed to Shanghai in 2008. Most of the events were changed then and the current 250, 500 and masters 1000 system started. Shanghai would still be nice though.

      • First congrats rafa I hope you’ll feel good along of the season that’s my wish for u.
        Now I propose you to move Indians wells tournament and play Miami at that place
        During the clay season make choice between Madrid masters 1000 and Rome masters1000..
        And finally to the end of season play Paris masters 1000 before the master cup if you are qualified.

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