2022 Schedule

Where does Rafael Nadal play next?

Check out his 2022 schedule!

Rafael Nadal photo first practice in Brisbane Australia (2)
Albert Perez/Getty Images

Please note that the schedule depends on Rafa’s health and availability, and can change anytime.

More tournaments will be added to the list in the upcoming weeks.

Stay tuned for more updates in case of schedule changes.


December 16 – 18: Mubadala World Tennis Championship, Abu Dhabi, UAE – exhibition tournament


January 4 – 11: Melbourne Summer Set 3 (ATP 250), Australia


February 8 -21: Australian Open, Melbourne, Australia


March 24 – April 4: Miami Open, USA


April 11 -18: Monte-Carlo Masters, Monaco

April 19 -25: Barcelona Open, Spain


May 2 – 9: Madrid Open, Spain

May 9 – 16: Internazionali BNL d’Italia, Rome, Italy

May 30 – June 13: Roland Garros, Paris, France


June 28 – July 7: Wimbledon, London, UK


  1. Hi! Rafa
    Get into offensive play mode.
    That’s when u have won most of ur grand slams.
    Looking forward to see u add few more grand slams this year.💪💪

  2. Nadal u will definately win Australian open thiss year if there is djokovic in front of u

  3. Congratulations on your wedding Rafa!!! Hope to see u in the court and in action soon!! ❤️❤️ Love from India

  4. Hi Rafa, Congratulations on your 19th Grand Slam! I hope you get a straight Grand Slam this coming year 2020 starting from AO,French,Wimbeldon, and lastly US open. I know im asking too much! Hehehe But i know its possible if you are in good health! You will definitely beat Federer’s record; who is another gentleman, but I believe you deserve to hold the GOAT title because you not only shown great conduct during winning but also when loosing. You overcame health challenges and came back even better. You never disrespected anyone and you always give your 100% performance in every game. Your fire is unquenchable which makes your every game exciting. I love watching you play!!! I am one of your million fans all over the world, I live in the Philippines, i hope to watch your game live someday, that is one of my bucket list! God bless Rafa! Vamos Rafa!

  5. Rafa you’re awesome and so is your family team. They support you in everything you do and that’s great.I love the way you carry yourself on the court, press conferences, etc. Your upbringing and parents of I cannot forget uncle Tony all are responsible for your well-mannered behavior and professionalism. I am so proud of you. I want to say thank you so much for the game of tennis and you have definitely mastered it. I enjoy watching you play and you make it very exciting to watch every time you step on the court.You are one of a kind hope to meet you one day.

  6. Congratulations on your win tonight beating Cilic in New York,you are such a humble and thoughtful person.I’ve been watching you this entire tournament keep up the winning,I enjoy watching you so much,Good Luck !!!!!

  7. Hi Rafa I am big fan of u
    I am watching all matches
    You are the king of clay as well all

    Good luck for all future matches
    God bless you

    • Rafa u did was amazing. After 2015-16 u are best among u big 3. If the Olympic is being held at Tokyo u should play there this year and next year so u can calculate the court and atmosphere of there .As I said before u just believe urself and don’t bother about Djoko and Fed u’r the best than they both.

      • Wow …. so proud to be a Rafa Nadal tennis fan …. you are such a great idol. All the best for the rest of the tournaments for 2019 …. I will be watching. God bless.

  8. Rafa has confirmed he will be skipping Queens this year. Hope he goes deep in SW 19 this year as well!

    • Rafael Nadal I’m from India. I want to tell you is that don’t upset urself while playing against Djokovic because he is not so good as you and your greatness. Keep fighting .play as you are used to be
      Good luck

    • Rafa tu es le meilleur. Quand tu ne joues pas, je perds intérêt dans le match. Tu es beau, muscle et sérieux. Bonne chance dans le us open. De la floride et de France, bonne chance! On t”adore, vamos, Nadal

    • Rafael Nadal IS the Bruce Lee of tennis.

      I fell in love with tennis and Nadal watching him play with James Blake at the US Open when they were kids.

      I videotaped them and still can’t believe humans can move like they did.

      It was like watching Super NINJA warriors.

      Go RAFA!!!

    • I’m from london and a crazy fan of yours. You kept me up all night. please don’t do it again!!!! Win in straight sets.you can handle it.!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hello Rafa
    you are the best, keep up your hard work, your court manners are the best in the world and
    lots of others can take lessons from you well done, you are the best

  10. Raga where you go I will follow. You are simply the best by are better than all the rest.Love you

  11. Hello Rafa from Egypt 🇪🇬
    You’re the champion and no. 1 forever for all tennis fans all over the world.. It’s just a matter of hard time but you’ll pass it stronger.. Hope you stay healthy and happy 💓
    Waiting for the first title of the season soon and before RG

  12. Rafa you have a horde of fans rooting for your quick recovery here in Zambia. Tennis is so flat without you! Cant wait for Monte Carlo!!

  13. Ohhh wow!!! He has quite hectic scheds… I am looking forward to watch all his games specially the grand slams. Hoping & praying that he stays fit & in best of health and of course to win on all the games. Good luck Rafa!!! God Bless!!!

  14. I’m planning a trip to watch Barcelona Open this April. Anyone has been to the Rafael Nadal Academy ? How can I get there from Barcelona ?

    • From Palma Mallorca you can get the train to Manacor and then walk to his Academy. Much cheaper than by taxi. It is well worth visiting.

    • It is in Majorca so you will have to get there first. Then to Manacor and it is just outside the main town centre you can walk from the market.

      • Im your biggest irish fan and can’t wait for Madrid it’s my favorite city (Real Madrid fan like you) and it starts on my birthday so lets get it going there the return of 3kings Zizou,Rafa n myself so Vamos Rafa n Hala Madrid White Angels!

    • there are quite a few daily flights from Barcelona to Palma, de Mallorca, with Ibera or Vueling (cheaper) or you can take the ferry to either Palma or Alcudia. I don’t know which is nearer to his academy though

    • I cannot wait to see Rafael Nadal play again we appreciate you and all your doing for the tennis world you are amazing keep up the good work I will be your fan forever

    • Fuimos con mis hermanos y yo a España y Rfa estaba en otra parte del mundo,pues lo vi por tele,no lo pierdo porque ed el mejor tenista para mi gusto..Sigue ganando¡¡Vamos Rafa¡¡

  15. Yes, of course, I said to Rafa myself in Spanish when I saw him in his Academy in Manacor on Friday 9th Nov. I am sorry about atp Paris as I live in Paris but I did not go back yet, I would not have missed him. I spent two months in Majorca and as he did not go to another one after US Open and spent more time there we had more chance to see him during six weeks. He was often training in the inside court to prepare for Paris Bercy and we saw him come out, I was lucky to get my book Rafa signed and my first selfie with him, a lovely photo taken by Carlos Moya. I told Carlos he was a good photgrapher ! Shame for him that the end of the season was a wash out but praying for him in the next year. Saw in Twittter that yesterday he was training outside in the Central Court in the Aca, it means a step in the right direction. Fiona in Paris

    • I am a best friend of you, I am from North East India,(Assam), Rafa you are always remained clay court king, we are waiting for you for French open title,surely you must win, Rafa if you lost to some body I really feel so sad. Rafa take care your health ,good luck & God may bless you abundantly.

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