2020 Schedule

Where does Rafael Nadal play next?

Check out his 2020 schedule!

Rafael Nadal photo first practice in Brisbane Australia (2)
Albert Perez/Getty Images

Please note that the schedule depends on Rafa’s health and availability, and can change anytime.

Stay tuned for more updates in case of schedule changes.

Mubadala Tennis, Abu Dhabi (December 19 – 21) – three-day exhibition


ATP Cup, Perth, Australia (January 3 – 12)

Australian Open (January 20 – February 2)


Cape Town, South Africa (February 7) – Exhibition Match: Rafa vs Roger Federer

Acapulco, Mexico (February 24 – 29)


Duluth, Atalanta, USA (March 2) – Exhibition Match: Rafa vs Grigor Dimitrov 

Indian Wells, USA (March 12 – 22)

Miami, USA (March 25 – April 5)


Monte-Carlo (April 12 – 19)

Barcelona, Spain (April 20 – 26)


Madrid, Spain (May 3 – 10)

Rome, Italy (May 10 – 17)


Roland Garros (May 24 – June 7)


Wimbledon (June 29 – July 12)

Olympics (July 15 – August2)


Toronto, Canada (August 10 – 16)

Cincinnati, USA (August 16 – 23)

US Open (August 31 – September 13)


Paris, France (November 2 – 8)

ATP Tour Finals, London (November 15 – 22)


  1. Nadal needs to be back on court playing his best tennis. Hopefully he will be 100 percent fit without any injuries. He is the KING of clay. He needs to show his rivals why he is the true warrior and master on clay. He can win all clay tournaments, and hopefully his 12 French Open. He is my champion.


    • me llamo martin manzaneda calatayud e apostado por la victoria de rafa nadal 13131313131313131313131313 millones a que gana a jocobich en la final de atp lion de 2019 mayo 19 el dinero me lo presto una fundacion para lo que quisiera si gano ingresenmelo en la cuenta de bankia ES8720389607713000846951 gracias


      • apuesto 131313131313131313131313131313 bilones a que rafa nadal gana el us open del año 2019 septiembre me lo ingresen enla cuenta ES8720389607713000846951 bankia si gana y no me pagan juro por sios que no perdono a nadie


  2. Pls Rafa come back to play, in a good health and shape, mentally and physically perfect . I’m praying that we gonna see u playing and winning over and over again.
    U have millions of supporters who missed you a lot.
    God is always here for you, your family and friends and the supporters. We love you, hoping to see you playing, it makes my day more happier and completely.
    Godbless Rafa!

    Your supporters from
    Toronto canadas!


  3. Rafa, I think you are the best ever in tennis. I love watching you play. I find my self praying for you and your family. Your uncle Toni has coached you so amazingly well, and you are a reflection of the respect you have for the game and your opponents. I love when you were younger, the way you would come out on to the court like a running bull, with your strength and ability. Stay positive, healthy and you are special in God’s eyes and ours who love to watch you play the game! Horale! VAMOS RAFA.


  4. Rafa, tú sabes que eres un jugador super talentoso todo y te felicito. Cómo soy tu fan te digo que esa indumentaria que estás usando ahorita no me gusta en lo absoluto. Me repugna cuando estás sacando o jugando ver esos bellos negros debajo de tus brazos. Con esto me arruinaste el momento y me da mucho asco ver un selva de color negro. Me extraña que tu tío o tu entrenador monte digan nada.Ponte tus camisas de antes perdóname pero te vez tan corriente y ojalá ese ritual que haces nos pone peor. Créeme que estoy perdiendo las ganas de verte jugar y te admiro y mucho pero el tenis es algo muy especial. A tus fans, me vale lo que me digan. Es la verdad.


  5. Being an ardent fan of Nadal I am keeping my fingers crossed for him to defend his title at U S Open.Nadal would win I feel in my heart.Let us all, Nadal die _hard fans pray for his success.


  6. Rafa. Muchas felicidades por todo lo que has hecho con el tennis. Para mí eres un ejemplo a seguir. No me regañen tu y tus fans, pero lo único que no me gusta es la camiseta sin mangas. Creo que debes volver a usar la camisa con mangas. Lo mejor para ti y a seguir ganando.


  7. Good to see Rafa this type of dress, but, I disappointed to ur Wimbledon semi finals, that’s ur match but you missed, no problem, another things your confidence level was less, compare to clay court session, so this us open is yours, so good play all the best Rafa vamous, no one stop to you


  8. So excited my son and I have tickets to the
    US Open. Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll
    Will see Rafa. So enjoy watching him.


  9. Juanito Signes Ferrer;;

    Nadalito: You have enriched my life and love of tennis to the bitter end,,

    You exemplify the very best of what sports competition is all about.

    “cha quin fum fa”…says it all; you are a smoking live wire…

    Abrazos , Juanito


  10. My mom is a huge Rafael fan since he started. She has three kids and theres more pictures of him than us. Tough going for her now but she never misses his games


    • Although my family are all adults they feel the same way yours do. I am a big fan of Nadal’s and will stay up all night if necessary to see him play live. Result is I am tired for the rest of the day.


  11. All best wishes for Wimbledon Rafa you have won it twice and I know you can do it again 💪🔥🎾💪🔥🎾💪


  12. I had tickets to Miami two years ago and became ill and watched from my bed at home and you won that match. I am so proud to be your fan forever. Thank you for all you have done for tennis and also setting the example of manners and humbleness you show. No breaking rackets and throwing tantrums. You are a wonderful example for the young and the old. Congratulations on the French No 11. Vamos! ❤️


  13. I want to see you play so bad just once. I know Cincinnati is not your favorite place but I will be able to come because it is close and not as expensive as the U.S. Open. If you don’t play there I promise to see you in Miami next year no matter what it takes. I have waited to see you since you were a young teenager so whenever you decide if your coming to Cincinnati I would like to know. I own a Westgate timeshare and now I know they have one in New York. But I don’t think I can raise the money in time for tickets. I loved watching you win the French Open for the 11 th time. I hope some day to give you pictures you probably already have but they are shots off the tv screen and your father in the stands smiling at you etc…
    You are a true inspiration young man.


  14. Now your form extremely good but upcoming master 1000 any one skip because your health so consider and take decision , compulsary you must win 11 french open title


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