PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal practices ahead of Wimbledon QFs against Taylor Fritz

Here are a few photos of Rafael Nadal from Wednesday’s practice session in London.


  1. BIEN BIEN BIEN BIENNNN!!!! ENHORABUENA!!!!! Garras de campeón, suerte y bendiciones para el próximo, VAMOS VAMOS VAMOS!!!!!!

  2. Le’ts all pat ourselves on the back shall we??

    Our champ has done it!

    Rafa please don’t do this to Maria again:):)

    • Fantastico!!! what a Match! what a Fighter!

      Of all the Rafa Fans, Maria seems the most calm 🙂

      Onwards n upwards! Hope n pray Rafa recovers well & is all set for Nick in the Semis.

    • Congratulations Mac And all Rafans here. Still in shock how much he improved in 5th

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