PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal practices ahead of Wimbledon QFs against Taylor Fritz

Here are a few photos of Rafael Nadal from Wednesday’s practice session in London.


  1. BIEN BIEN BIEN BIENNNN!!!! ENHORABUENA!!!!! Garras de campeón, suerte y bendiciones para el próximo, VAMOS VAMOS VAMOS!!!!!!

  2. Le’ts all pat ourselves on the back shall we??

    Our champ has done it!

    Rafa please don’t do this to Maria again:):)

    • Fantastico!!! what a Match! what a Fighter!

      Of all the Rafa Fans, Maria seems the most calm 🙂

      Onwards n upwards! Hope n pray Rafa recovers well & is all set for Nick in the Semis.

    • Congratulations Mac And all Rafans here. Still in shock how much he improved in 5th

  3. Once again Rafa must hold to stay in this…

    Dr. Khawar if Rafa could talk to you, he would tell you to go ahead and eat, that after all, this is just tennis:)

    • I don’t know my problem but I fill myself with so much emotions even for my pak cricket team I don’t have such emotions. That’s how much I am attached with this Phenomena called “Rafa Nadal”

    • Now he doesn’t infact Rafa needs to hold to stay in Wimbledon 22. He gave it his all though. Proud of you champ win or lose. Still hoping for the miracle

  4. Oh that was a CRUEL netcord. Illegal! That is one of the moments that Rafa should DELETE from his memory and carry on, stay strong!

  5. Please no heart break of Muller’s, Djokovic ‘s and Federer in 2007 in 5th set please

    • Well, Wimbledon does favor heavy servers. And Fritz keeps raining down some serves that get him out of trouble. Rafa’s errors do not help his cause.

      Keep it together champ! Stay strong on serve in this 5th set!

      • I hope that was a typo, and you meant to say you have GOT good vibes:):)

        I believe in Rafa’s fighting spirit. That’s all I ask for:):)

      • What a point to finally break fritz In 7th game. Come on champ win it for us

      • I am Nervous actually Mac. I can’t eat anything right now. Come on my meal is getting cold

      • Rafa doesn’t consolidate. Now can’t complain. They both deserve this but please Rafa win somehow

  6. We are even Mac, Margo and co. Going to fifth. What about Mimi’s heart pumping in center court?

  7. WOW WOW WOW! There is one thing we all know here- Rafa never gives up. He’s broken once again and will be serving for the pleasure of going to a fifth set.

    Come on champ, hold this time with no drama!! Get in there champ!

  8. He has Broken him to have a chance to serve out the set. Looks like Payers of all of us still being helpful

  9. Aww I can almost see the little bun in Wifey’s oven:):) God bless you and Maria, Rafa.

  10. Aw shucks… our champ isn’t doing himself any favors out there. Too many errors. And now he has to hold or he is out of Wimbledon 2022!!

    Come on Rafa!!

    • He has held Mac but not the level he usually does serve. Wimbledon is all about good service games n wait for the errors. Exactly what fritz is doing. Come on champ take this to 5th

  11. Just one of those days when we can’t even be confident that our champ will hold serve to see out a set:)

    Keep grinding out there Rafa- that’s all you can do right now champ! Hang in there!

  12. They were all right about the matchup it’s a very tight contest so far ….just not many free points for Rafa

    • This is not fun hahaha.

      But I guess this is what Rafa calls suffering. He should figure it out. Come on champ!

    • Well he’s injured again…. Pam Shriver said Rafa wasn’t making any of his serves while practicing yesterday… Taylor has a really big serve and Rafa has to keep stretching really far to retrieve it. It looks like he is coming back, 🙏🙏🙏

      • He is struggling big time. He has to serve out to stay in the match

  13. Wow! I enjoyed the start of the first set, not so much so the end.

    Rafa broke immediately to start the match and all was well in the world. And suddenly he loses his serve and the set runs away from him. What?

    Get it together champ!

  14. Oh no. But I watched the Aussie Open when Rafa waa 2 sets to love down and he won the next three, so I’m not worried…..yet!! Vamos Rafa – c’mon.

  15. I’m ready for this. C’mon Rafa please get this done quickly and no dramas. I’m expecting great things today. Vamos!!

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