Rome Masters 2022: Rafael Nadal’s first practice in Rome [PHOTOS]

Rafael Nadal is already in Rome where he is trying to get in the best possible form ahead of the Roland Garros.


  1. Rafa is a genius in solving his problems. He knows best with his fantastic coaches on how to win and all other strategies. Master and unbelievable tactician . He is a phenomenon. he is still 22 – 2 in 2022. surreal. quite an incredible guy – our Rafa. :the greatest to us

  2. I would like to see how Carlos fares in a 5 setter against Rafa as Rafa is hard to beat on clay in a best of 5. I hope Carlos doesnt get too distracted with his new found fame as that’s been the downfall of many before him. However I believe he is different – as Rafa was different at his age. As always I will cheer for Rafa win or lose but am happy supporting Carlos only when Rafa is not playing. Carlos is not playing Rome I believe. Vamos Rafa for Rome and RG.

  3. While Alcaraz is providing fodder for journalists, continue with your clay campaign. No one knows
    how to focus and overcome adversity like you. All the best in Rome, Rafa👍👏💪🤛🎾🍀❤️

  4. Madrid was a good tuneup for Rafa . I think he can beat Carlos or Novak in Rome and still remains a strong favorite ro win Roland Garros if Rafa improves his serve and adjusts his service returnn positioning on so that he can take 2nd serves earlier to get more depth on his returns . Carlos and Novak are not going to blast 2nd serves past Rafa if he stands close to the baseline . Rafa knows best but I didn’t like Goffin winning so many of his second serves at well under 100mph .

  5. With Carlos beating Djoko I don’t think Rafa feels so bad and Zverev just didn’t have the problem solving ability.
    Setinthepast, it’s true that commentators are going crazy and Carlos deserves the praise he’s getting, but let’s see how he performs down the stretch.
    One thing’s for sure, Rafa will work as hard as possible to secure another RG title. Best of luck in Rome champ.

  6. I think the pressure’s actually off Rafa now, because all eyes are on Carlitos – and I hope that the press attention doesn’t get too much for the young lad. The commentators are already saying that Sascha and Stef have missed their chance because Carlos is going to win every Grand Slam event from now on – I mean, give the lad a chance!! Fingers crossed for Rafa!

    • Carlos won’t have very many chances to beat World No. 1. If he wins every tournament Carlos will soon be No. 1. But that doesn’t mean Rafa won’t win Majors!

  7. Rafa will come back to his best tennis in Rome!! Get that serve going again and you know your strategy is the best !!
    Roland Garros is yours again!!

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