Rome Masters QF: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Alexander Zverev?

World No. 2 Rafael Nadal continues his quest for a tenth Italian Open title on Friday when he takes on Alexander Zverev in the quarterfinals.

The German has won three consecutive matches against our champ, including a straight-sets victory last week at the Caja Magica.

Rafael Nadal (ESP) during media day in Rome , Italy, on May 11, 2021.,Snímek: 610348609, Licence: Rights-managed, Restrikce: , Model Release: no, Credit line: Profimedia

Date: May 14, 2021

Match time: Not before 2 PM local time / 8 AM EDT –  New York, Montreal /  1 PM BST – United Kingdom / 2 PM  CEST – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / 10 PM AEST – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

Rafa is 15-3 this year with his losses coming to much younger opponents Zverev, Tsitsipas and Andrey Rublev. He is competing for his 10th Italian Open. His last came in 2019 when he successfully defended his title by beating Novak Djokovic 6-0 4-6 6-1. 



  1. Such an intelligent match by Rafa and brilliant defence. Glad he got the win before the rain happening now.

    • Lorna, if the match between Djokovic and Tsitsipas is delayed until tomorrow because of rain, will the winner of that match have to play two matches tomorrow?

      • Yes, Khawartaimoor. It’s happened before and there’s no other time to shoe-horn the second semi into. Ummh, are you thinking the same as I am Margo…?

  2. Rafa has the next Gen scratching theirs heads and reminding them that he’s not done yet… It’s a beautiful thing to watch…. He played like the warrior we know and love…. His tumble had me concerned but watching him bounce back gave me a sense of relief.

    Congrats Rafa…. Tremendous victory…. On to the semi’s!!!!

    VAMOS RAFA!!!!!

  3. OMG! Our Champion triumphs! So Happy! So worth getting up at 5a. Right, David? WooHoo.

  4. Ziggy [I had to delete Souxie LOL]
    Re yours of 3:04am today [no link]

    You’ve been away from posting for so looong and HAPPY to see you back.

    Yes, we still have many of Rafa’s ardent RNF club members still here. The good thing is that the atmosphere has lost a lot [thank goodness] of its toxicity. One VERY toxic “fan” left of her own accord after being called out. Thank goodness.

    I still remember how I learned to spell your name without looking it up here. I would think of the Sioux, a First Nations people, move the “i” and add an “e.” Yes, a little convoluted but it was a good mnemonic device for me.

    Do you remember Beverley? An older fan who was a diplomatic presence here? Well, I think she passed away after being sick for a while because she would certainly be here cheering for Rafa. She hasn’t been here in quite some time.

    And Nadallica has stopped coming but she’s on Twitter. She’s a HARD CORE Rafa fan who brought a lot of fun here too.

    I am up early because I want to walk the pooches before Rafa starts his journey to the semis.

    🤞🤞🤞🎾💪👍for Rafa.


    • Yes I have been worried about Beverley … She was elderly wasn’t she? Also Shirley I think she was from Australia and also elderly. One of them had fallen and broken their shoulder. They both were so sweet and I enjoyed reading their posts . What about Positive Thinker?( She used emoji‘s to post) Anyway I’m so happy to be back and that you remember me! I had to stop watching Rafa live or wait until he was winning for the sake of my nerves! I can’t stand to see him lose it always breaks by heart! I wanted to post so badly and be there with you all when Rafa won La decimal…. now he’s going for his 14th RG. Just look at our Rafa and all his accomplishments! He is incredible and all of us have been their rooting him on all the way! Enjoy your day Margo…Rafa just got his revenge from Zevere! Happy Day for all of us! 💜💜

      • Yes, Beverley broke her shoulder and I think she was from Australia, too. Or NZ?

        Is that Shirley Taya you mean?

        Both seniors and really nice ladies.

        Positive Thinker came back as different people I believe. I know the name well but don’t recall the personality.

        Yes, I used to get upset so much when he lost. Now I understand that he has always been a champion and champions lose, too. It’s just heartbreaking when I get the feeling that he’s just not in to it at times fearful that something is not right and that he may be struggling internally for whatever reason. As you know is not one to share his personal life and I’ve got to respect that. It could also be that’s he’s just getting older and he’s trying his best. Hoping he’s just having a few bumps. I worry about him as if I knew him LOL.

        So glad he won today’s match. So take that Zverev who said “we have to stop him [Rafa]” a few days ago. The NERVE!!!

        “We believe in Rafa” and he heard us 😉

  5. Mimi re yours @7:30pm yesterday
    Yes, I hope Rafa does have some mercy for his fans today but if he has to slog it out again I’m in for the ride. I just have to remember to breathe. 😂

      • Margo, did you watch the match? So happy Rafa won in straight sets, should be a confident boost. Thankfully Rafa is okay after the fall.🙏

        Rafa vs R. Opelka tomorrow, big hitter, rest well and be ready Rafa.🍀🎾❤️

      • I missed a lot of it because my pets were really acting up this morning. I hope this is a turning point for Rafa in preparation for the FO. I hope he is as euphoric as we fans are for him.

        Yes, I’ve been reading up on Opelka and he’s a surprise QF-ist according to the Internet. I thought he was older but he’s only 23. Yes a big hitter but Rafa’s experience and the boost to his confidence from today’s win should carry him to the final, I BELIEVE.

    • Correction …Zverve & La decima. Yes Margo how dare him! However it’s been tough for all the young players that are really good to get past Rafa, Roger & Novak( the strongest era in history) . Roger had it considerably easier for five years without Novak & Rafa. I wonder if he would have 20 GS if they were the same age! Like I said I’m okay with Rafa losing…He has surpassed any of my expectations Rafa said he will be phased out eventually…It’s the natural progression of life & aging! Of course I always want Rafa to win (even if he’s on walker) but it would be nice for one of the next-gens to win! 💜💜💜Rafa win or lose!

  6. Alough Denis Shapovalov came away from yesterday’s match disappointed, he deserves much credit for putting in a really goid performance. He was very gracious in defeat and praised Rafa. “It’s a tough loss. It’s not the first time Rafa’s done this, and I’m not the first person to lose after having match points. Rafa deals with pressure nicely in those pivotal moments. I’m still happy, I will not have trouble sleeping tonight”.

    Indeed Denis should be proud of his performance. It’s just that he ran into an opponent who never gave up and refused to lose.

  7. I agree with everyone that the key to winning this match against Sasha is getting the first serve percentage to above 70% and with pace and unpredictability . Rafa needs more free points which means putting his opponent on the defensive and attacking the net behind his first serve . Do I see this happening ? Yes, I am confident Rafa will win this match .

  8. ifighted and Cherry blossom 𝓝𝓪𝓭𝓪⓵⓷𝓲𝓬𝓪²⁰ liked

    Cath Flag of South Africa
    Dear Francis and/or Charly, please can we do something to fix the serve before Paris? I am begging on behalf of my nerves Folded hands

  9. Rafa good luck tomorrow you can do it vamosssssss champ remember you are the king of Clay all the best Rafa 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️💪💪💪🎾

  10. Your information is incorrect. Rafa’s match is the second one on CC after the Martic/Pegula match. It is scheduled for not before 12 noon local not 2 pm hence 6am EDT.

      • Perhaps you can tape it David? Not sure what set up you have there but that is what I do for early matches unless they are GS which I need to watch live. Good luck.

  11. An amazing round of 16 today. Rafa’s match went within about 10 minutes of his record long three setter with S. T. Zverev had to go three sets to defeat Nishikori. The Theim/Sonego match is into the third set now at about 10 p.m. local. If Theim prevails where will this leave him rest wise?

    My main concern for Rafa’s chances with Zverev is that Rafa had a late match Wednesday and a very long and hard match today. Zverev is about 10 years younger. Can Rafa pull if off?

    I think he can if Rafa”s serve is improved at least some. He needs to be able to take Zverev to a tie break in at least one set if necessary. Obviously Rafa must avoid being broken early.

    I was encouraged that Rafa was returning Shapo’s big serve rather well in sets 2 and 3. Rafa can repeat that tomorrow.

      • LOL David, I will set my alarm clock at 2:55am. I normally don’t need it but just in case.
        Good luck to Rafa🍀❤️💪💪💪

    • In Rafa’s post match conference, he said that the long match today and in the Barcelona final gave him confidence in his body to win against the younger players. Hearing this, I think Rafa will be fine and he’ll have added motivation tomorrow to avenge his loss to Zverev in Madrid.

      • It’s not his body I’m worried about Lorna, we know he’s got stamina. I want him to avoid any jams and if he does get into a jam to find a way out for the win.


  12. Make it a sweet revenge tomorrow Rafa. Stop this bad habit of losing to Zverev:)

    Get it done champ!! Good Luck!!

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