Rafael Nadal: I always try to be in my best shape for every single tournament I play [PHOTOS]

Talking to Nine ahead of his ATP Cup debut on Saturday, Rafael Nadal said he was preparing well but did not see a potential face-off with the Serbian as revenge for his 2019 Australian Open defeat.

“I always try to be in my best shape for every single tournament I play,” he said.

“I never take this sport or one defeat like revenge, I don’t understand a life like this. I just try to put myself in a position to be ready for the action when I need it.”

“Sometimes things work the right way and sometimes they don’t. So, just being ready to accept every situation that can happen.”

But the Spaniard has team glory on his mind first, with his sights set on bringing a second team trophy back to Spain after claiming the Davis Cup in November.

“We want to work well as a team and to try to achieve our goals then we’re going to have a week before the Australian Open to practise there for the Australian Open, now is the time for the ATP Cup,” he said.

“If you play better here then there’s better chances you will later but like I said, we aren’t taking this competition as a preparation for another, we take this competition like a very important one, we want to show our best level and we want to work well as a team.

“I think we are moving in the right direction, just try to be ready for the action.

“We are happy to be here, I think Perth is a great city… for most of us it’s the first time we’ve been here and we’re having fun.”

Source: wattoday.com.au

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