PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal loses Australian Open final to Novak Djokovic

The magical run Down Under for Rafael Nadal and his fans has ended. He has lost in straight sets in the Australian Open final to world number one Novak Djokovic, who played without any fear and seemed to have an answer for anything our champ threw at him.

Second seed Rafa was defeated 6-3, 6-2, 6-3 in Melbourne, in what is his fourth loss in the Australian Open final, two of which have been to Djokovic.

Our champ just didn’t play close to his best level, but also Novak was just too good tonight.

Next up for Rafa will be the Abierto Mexicano de Tennis in Acapulco at the end of February.

Win or lose, we love you Rafa and we are so proud of you!


  1. No excuse for the way Rafa played in the final… You just don’t play lights out for two weeks and then crumble I’m mad… He didn’t go for any of his shots he didn’t even go after any balls he crumbled. I have been and alw just ays will be an urgent band of Brothers but that was just a horrible final he didn’t even try .

    • You are right but the time that I could get completely agitated about this is over. I simpy accept that overall, Novak Djokovic is a better tennis player. Who knows that the future will bring, it seems however unlikely that Rafa can change much about that.

  2. Reality is that Rafa was nervous. Acted insecure. Missed shots he did not miss in a lot of other matches. Had he come out smoking, it would have been a closer match, for sure. Could he have won? That would have been a long shot. We know that the Djoker’s level usually drops when he faces an opponent who hurts him back. Mentally and physically, Rafa couldn’t bring it yesterday. He is not as strong in both departments, as he was in 2013 for example. Yesterday he could fight off only a few BPs. In his stronger years, he’d come down from 0-40 multiple times.
    He is still a major contender for the FO. For other majors, he indeed needs everything to allign for him. We can forget about the double career GS for at least another year. Personally, I don’t see it happening anymore for him. His best chances were 12, 14 and 17. He did not take them.
    He will go down as one of the GOAT but his case for THE goat, is not strong enough, due to these missed opportunities. We will have to accept that.

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  4. Always a gentleman. I know you gave it your all; however, isn’t it funny how a loss of your favorite sports figure can effect the day when there are so many more important things going on in the world today. I hesitate to think about a day when you are not on the court anymore… will be such a loss to the tennis world. Praying you will continue to be injury free. Can’t wait for your next tournament. 🎾

  5. This is sports as Rafael tells us. Quit the pity party, and move on. A bittersweet AO. Thank you for
    a glorious run to the final. You fought hard to get there. We hate to lose; imagine how RN feels, es-
    pecially when it’s the joker. The year has just begun-are you up for the challenge?💪👊👺

  6. Rafa’s game is more suited for clay. Djokovic can just deal with Rafa’s high balls a lot more easily on hard courts.
    Also Rafa can’t serve himself out of trouble against Djokovic as he is such a good returner. Hopefully come the clay season Rafa will be upto full speed. We have to remember he hasn’t played properly since USO. Give him time! Vamos.

  7. Rafa you are letting Nole beat you mentally you need to play him like this is your first time playing him. Stop getting wrapped up on the losses you have had against him. Focus only on the game at hand not who is on the other side of the court. He is putting a mental block on you. Stop being afraid of him and what he can do Make him afraid of what you can do and stop being so nervous playing him like a little school girl out on her first date. Just go out there and pulverize him and play YOUR game . It was so sad to see the game today you just weren’t playing YOUR GAME and it was so depressing seeing him maul you on the court . You are better then that . We know it and you know it . Stop being afraid of him and just ram the ball down his throat on court don’t give him an inch . Please don’t lose to him again. I can’t stand him ewwww. Play like our Champ not our Chimp
    so disappointed
    still a fan for life

    • My thoughts exactly! The Rafa of first 6 rounds and the Rafa of the final were completely different. He’s afraid of Djokovic. He overcame the mental block momentarily in 2012-2013. But now, at this stage of his career, dunno if he’s gonna overcome it again. Djokovic is probably gonna surpass him.

  8. Rafa, I know winnings EVERYTHING to you, and being the best you can be is you. You are what makes this sport worth watching!!! Tiamo Rafa

  9. Rafa vil always be my absolute number 1 idol. For the future : remember the mental part just as you work om the other parts of the game. Do NOT have so much respect og federe and Djokovic

  10. Well said Alex! All because of his mental problem where Novak is concerned and maaaybe Federer, right?

    Just for that I really hope Rafa and Carlos or at least Carlos reads our comments.

    • Hi Manmoud,
      I’ve got news for you – Novak will also French Open by beating Nadal!

      Watch out!

      • Snake Maria, you are a sick creature who would pour salt on wounds. From which gutter did you emerge once more to hurt Rafans?
        Go back to your gutter where you can co-habit with rats, although it would be very unfair to rats. In fact, you sould also change your name because as a name, Maria has positive connotations very far from a venomous snake.

  11. Rafa did not do enough today. He needs to take a page out of young Naomi’s book about not giving up and fighting to the very end.

    Djokovic played his normal game, no more and no less. We knew what Djoker was bringing. Rafa simply did not match and raise that intensity.

    I’m still happy for the memories over the 2 weeks. Rafa let himself and us down. But that is life. Plus, this is also Rafa’s first tournament back! I think he has exceeded even his own expectations.

    Rafa will need to do some more work on Rafa 2.0, and I have no doubt that our champ will see his hard work pay dividends in the near future.

    • I watched Rafa’s match (on catch up!) against Tsisipas as Rafa’s own personal final.

      I was very dubious whether he could compete with Novak after the lack of warm-up prep. He needed a win or a close match against Novak on hard court along the way. I’m not surprised by the Novak win (though I am surprised by Rafa’s lack of presence today).

      There were two different Nadals: the one up until Thursday, and then the one today. Rafa needs to put today in a box, as its own particular problem. The rest of his hardcourt game is exciting, and his progress after injury is encouraging and commendable.

    • His speech when you knew he was feeling so bad was AMAZING. Rafa is the best gentleman in all of sports. We love you Nadal. WIN the French for us and for yourself. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. We as nadal fans we have to prepared for a depressing year for rafa because of nole dominance and hope that the young guys will step up and stop nole momentum since nadal can not do it by himself

  13. Lets face it nadal was outplayed by nole. This loss is going to be very hurtful mentally for rafa comparable with the loss against wawrinka in 2014. Hope this will not be another 2015 year for nole or a 2016 year for rafa.

    Rafa can still win the australian open but not if he faces nole in the final. The serb is just unbeatable in Australia. The serb is the favourite to win the french open. It hurts to say this as a nadal supporter but the champ will be under a lot of pressure the rest of the season hunting by the serb

    The person who is cheering right know is federer his record is still in place and considering the fact that federer is going to play the french open. The swiss has a opportunity to expand the lead.

    The spaniard didnt had a chance he was playing his old game against nole instead of the new one. His serve was pathetic and also his returns were terrible. Furthermore he couldnt hurt nole with his return he was continu to play to the backhand of the serb instead of the forehand.

    Also noticing that the serb served a lot through the midddle like he always did against the spaniard. The bottom line is nadal hasnt learn anything of his previours loss against the serb. And as long he is playing the same game against nole like federer did for a long time against nadal nadal will never beat djokovic on hard court again. I could be wrong but that is just my opinion.

    • Nadal is unable to beat either fed or Djoker on hard courts… He will win only if some others take these two out like in uso 2017

      • You know, you’re right Gps.

        The truth is: Nadal was hoping and praying Lucas Pouille would somehow take Djokovic out because he (Nadal) knows that he cant face Djokovic.and win

        I ‘ve said it time and time again – Djokovic is by far a better player than Nadal. When their careers are all over, Novak will be ranked No 1 all time,, Federer No 2, Rod Laver No 3 and Nadal No 4.

        The only way Nadal can beat Djokovic is only if Djokovic is injured as we’ve seen

      • Well, Snake, if you are so sure that Djok is a better player than Rafa, how do you explain their close head to head record? Surely if Djok is SO much better, as you claim, the head to head should be something like 43-10 in Djok’s favour, instead of the close 28-25 that it is.

        What’s your explanation? I’m sure it’s a good one.

    • Not happy reading this because Ilove Rafa but you seem to know so I must admit you are right. I kept wondering where Rafa’s fighting spirit had gone. 😔

    • The one thing that annoyes me is that everyone talks about Rafa being afraid of Nole dont even take in consederation that Rafa has had many injuries in his tennis years then Nole and Fed both , but still has won 17 slams just think how many slams that he may have won had he not been injured so many times. Nole has only 1 serious injury and Fed I believe has only 2, so I think you all should rethink what you are talking about and consider changing your minds about what you say when it comes to Rafa being afraid of any player. He has never played that bad against any player, so I really believe he was not feeling well and just did not say so.

  14. I wish I could be positive about the rest of the year.

    I think we could hope for the best but really not jump to conclusions before or during a tournament. A moment at a time and rejoice only if and when there’s something to rejoice about.

    Really didn’t expect him to be rolled over like this. Wimbledon semis could have given him some confidence I thought – even though he lost it was a contest – honourable!!!

    Feel extremely sorry for you but you and your team have to do something about this – your mental attitude against your arch rivals. Hope they recognise that it is just that and not like Toni – that they are too good and that’s why you are scared of them.


  16. Ahhh Rafa ! We were there with you the whole match. Hurting and feeling the pain. Suffering with u. Best of luck next time. Hope you don’t take it too hard on you.💔💔💔

    • Yes. I am with you always. I don’t like the negativity shown here. Where is your FAITH? I ended up with a migraine and had to go to bed as soon as the game was over. No one here has a crystal ball into Raffa,a thoughts about why it happened as it did. Only second guessing. I with you no matter win, lose or draw.

  17. Sorry, but this was bad. Rafa has mentally a big problem against Djokovic. So sad for him. Moyà and Rafa has to find solutions against Novak. Always with you <3

  18. I’m devastated for Rafa. He would not have wanted to lose this way. Never mind its onwards and upwards and hopefully he will find solutions to combat Novak. Rafa will work hard im sure and not let this happen at the FO. Writing this to avoid Novak’s breast cupping which still knocks me sick.

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