Rafael Nadal injury update: Facts you need to know

Rafael Nadal could be fit to feature at the ATP World Tour Finals in London after scans showed no new damage to a long-standing knee injury, his doctor Angel Ruiz Cotorro has revealed. The tendon injury is in no worse state than previously.

Cotorro will now put our champ on a rehabilitation programme which gives him the best chance of making London.

It is not a new injury or an injury that has worsened. It’s not a different situation than when we came from the Asian tour. All the images of the tests tell us that it is a bit the same, that the tendon is suffering.

It’s a tough year, a season with many games. The tendon is suffering, but the images do not show us anything different either.

The first thing was to stop and assess how the knee was, if something new had happened.

Now we know that there is nothing different, which is a situation that had been dragging on for some time.

The problem of tendons in different situations may bother more or less, but we will try to be good to play in London. If he is well, he will play, and if he is not well, he will give up playing. You have to see how it evolves these days.

Source: Press Association


  1. The WTF draw is out.

    Sampras group: Rafa, Thiem, Dimitrov, Goffin
    Becker group: Fed, Zverev, Cilic, Sock

    Basically they push returners to one group and big servers to the other group 🌗. Cilic and Sock would trouble Rafa less than Dimitrov and Goffin I believe. Definitely don’t want Rafa to play Dimitrov again this soon, if he plays, especially in his current state.

    Anyway Rafa didn’t take part in the draw ceremony according to the Es press the other day. He’s on his flight to London right now. 🙂

  2. Hi everyone. 4.5 days has been feeling like 4.5 weeks already. Just dropping in quickly to say Rafa is flying to London today (Wednesday) for the draw ceremony. They will present him the YE no 1 cup tomorrow and he will decide whether to play on Friday.

    He was able to practise lightly for more than 1hr yesterday. There’s no way he’ll be fit in time for the WTF so I guess he’ll either skip it to be on the safe side or play it with so so results and risk aggravating the “on going injury”. Either way we’re gonna know very soon. Wish him all the best but personally I think he shouldn’t risk it.

    • Hi everyone. 4.5 days has been feeling like 4.5 weeks already. Just dropping in quickly to say Rafa is flying to London today (Wednesday) for the draw ceremony. They will present him the YE no 1 cup tomorrow and he will decide whether to play on Friday.

      He was able to practise lightly for more than 1hr yesterday. There’s no way he’ll be fit in time for the WTF so I guess he’ll either skip it to be on the safe side or play it with so so results and risk aggravating the “on going injury”.

      Fed is fit and looked every bit ready to win London in his exhibition match with Murray yesterday. It will be miracle if Rafa can win it somehow in the current circumstances.

      Granted points and a secured no 1 ranking for about half a year next year are important. But no way they’re more important than his health and chances to win the AO – no scratch that, his season next year and in a bigger picture, his longevity.

      He wouldn’t want to lose momentum too early again. And it has been the case with him for so many times and also with many players this year that trying to keep playing with on going/niggling injuries without substantial rehab period can only take you so far and make the problems worse, physical and mental.

      Personally I still think he shouldn’t have played Beijing, 4 matches in 3 days at the LC; only played Shanghai and Paris or even only 1 one them. Might as well skip Abu Dhabi next month – it’s only an exo but from what I’ve seen players go for it and this year edition is going to be hot with Djokovic, Murray and Stan all participate; plus Brisbane is just around the corner the following week with a tough smaller Masters’s field.

      Oh I almost forgot. He will be pratising with Dimitrov again off season. Looks like the two of them are developing a beautiful friendship. 🙂

    • I personally think Rafa should skip London. It’s 99% that he has to beat Federer in order to finally complete his Career Super Slam but the chance is very very slim, especially when Rafa isn’t in a good shape. Losing again to Federer will affect his mental terribly. By the way, Rafa needs to find a good game plan to attack Federer’s backhand. I know earlier in this year, Moya suggested him to attack both side like what happened in Miami 2017 but it just won’t work. Federer’s forehand is so good.
      So it’s better to take a step back and have a strong off season with Moya. They also need to improve the serve and net game. Australian Open 2018 is the key for the G.O.A.T race since Rafa is the most favourite for French Open 2018 and suddenly the gap can be narrowed.

  3. For God’s sake, please Rafa! Take a rest! You already had a wonderful year. Winning another non-clay slam is something that i and all Rafans had been waiting for too long. Now you have finished the year as world no.1 for sure , don’t risk it anymore.
    No disrespect but i highly doubt your medical team due to many severe injures that you suffered. They said the same back in Rome 2016 but we all know what happened later.

    Take your time for recovery, and have a intense off season with Carlos Moya to work on your weakness and find a new game plan to attack Federer’s backhand. I would love to see you conquer the Australian Open 2018, Rafa!!!

    • I agree 101%! But for sure, Rafa knows if He take that risk or not. All the best of health Rafael! We believe in you all the way! Vaaaamos!

  4. I was glad to hear it’s not a new injury but at the same time “a situation that had been dragging on for some time” is not good news. If this has been going on for at least 4 weeks (since Shanghai) and probably longer, I can’t see how a week of treatment will result in Rafa being even close to fully fit for WTF. Obviously it would be so sad and frustrating for him to withdraw, and I will miss seeing him play in London, but I think it would be the best choice. It’s only 8 weeks until Brisbane.. I really hope Rafa does what he said in the presser the other day and thinks of the longer term.



  6. It is too soon to start to play. You will either have to withdraw or get beaten to a pulp because you are not your 100% self or if you arrive at the final get beaten by a rested in full mode Federer.

    Please rest now and withdraw from London and prepare for AO 2018.


    • have you lost your mind this is the wtf. The only chance for rafa to win it its worth taking the risk. He can only win it if he doesnt face federer in te final

  7. If Rafa wishes to play in the WTF he would be advised to rest as much as possible this coming week. No excessive hours long practices . Give his knees time to recover. I hope Moya will not allow anything other than light practice sessions and only after some days without any court time at all.
    I have always thought Rafa wears himself out with excessive practice before the tournaments
    even begin
    Of course if his knees are still bothering him at the end of next week I hope he withdraws from WTF.
    He needs to commence 2018 rested and fresh and to keep a more balanced eye on his schedule as Fed has been doing for some years.

  8. As much as I love watching you play and admire your fighting spirit, your health is most important. You and your team will make the right decision. I hope 2018 will be as fantastic for you as 2017 has been!

  9. Rafa all the best for your rehabilitation, and rest for your precious knee and body.

    Love and prayers,


  10. Rafa, it’s too soon! We’ve already seen that the knee injury Rafa sustained during the Asian swing meant that he had to miss Basel to rest. The same problem emerged again in Paris. I don’t understand why Rafa would even consider taking a chance at the WTF, despite the fact that his doctor may give him the all clear. The only medicine for those ailing knees is REST, REST, REST! There are bigger battles that lie ahead and the first one is the AO. Please Rafa, do the sensible thing and close the door on this season now!

  11. Good luck Rafa try to rest please ,and get healthy to play next year .rest rest rest you have ben playing to mamy matches thes year .I’m so happy you are a number one player in the world .vamosssssssssssss champ love your fans 🎾🎾🎾👍👍👍🇺🇸😘❤️❤️🇺🇸😘❤️🇺🇸😘❤️🇺🇸😘😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇❤️

  12. I am relieved that Rafa does not have a new injury, but I hope he and his team will seriously consider not playing London. Rafa needs rest more than playing on HC indoors. He needs to be well rested for next year. Roger will have to win all three of the first major tournaments just to not lose points. Rafa will have similar challenges during the clay season.

  13. Good luck, Rafael. Try to “enjoy” the rehab🙂We want to see you back on court
    and playing your game💪👍💕

  14. So happy that the knee hasnt been damage more… we know that you and your team will make the wisest decision for London….we pray for you!!!!!

  15. M alegro k no sea algo nuevo…es algo k arrastras d tu tendon d la rodilla…pero d todas formas cuidate…no por mucho madrugar amanece mas temprano…
    K todo t vaya bien y tu recuperacion sea buena…

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