PHOTOS: Roger Federer watching Rafael Nadal practice

Photos from Rafael Nadal’s practice session on Wednesday. Roger Federer was at Aorangi Park too and he got another chance to see how hard Rafa works during the practice.



  1. It is so nice to see two rivals but at the same time and most important that they are super good friends. So proud of the two of you. Love you both.

    Es muy lindo ver a dos rivales al mismo tiempo, pero lo mas importante es que son super Buenos amigos. Super orgullosa de los dos y los amo a ambos.


  2. Rafa how well you have done and all the best for the next game,

    love and prayers,



  3. They say good things comes in threes, and a week Sunday Rafa ,no-one will know that more than you . The headlines will read 2008, 2010 and now 2017 can anyone stop him ? Obviously the answer is a big fat No.
    Susie what a magnificent day you have had, first Jo Konta then Andy and finishing with the man of the moment Rafa, the day couldn’t have gone any better, can’t wait for you to update us on it.😀


  4. CONGRATZ Rafa….just as I said…three sets would do it. Don’t mess with the Rafa.💪👈🌺🎾👏

    RAFA ROCKS 150%


  5. I don’t know about young’s torture. I’m certainly tortured by seeing the way Rafa is playinf in the 3rd set.
    Please Rafa no tie break!!!!!!! Finish it now!!!



    • @Rafa fan 1 “don’t delay” means Young’s torture had not started. [A good segue for my next sentence.]🤗

      It’s Rafa who was being tortured. He suffers from finger blisters and they seemed to be giving him a problem, more than usual.

      RAFA ROCKS 150%


  6. Wow! Rafa, whoever said grass wasn’t your surface forgot to give you the memo, you make it look effortless . Susie being there has certainly been your good luck charm . Don’t delay Young’s torture any longer .

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  7. What’s the matter Rafa? Steady on. Keep you tennis think cap on! Please don’t let go. Make it in 3 pleeeeease!!!



    • 🎶 RAFA RAFA RAFA!! 🎶😍 (me cheering him on 😄🤗) Go get it Champ ☀️🍀👏🏻

      VAMOOS!! 🎾💪🏼😘


      • What melodious cheering from the best cheerleader on RNF. Rafa is giving his 150%.🤗🎾🌺

        Go Rafa, go.💪👈🤗



      • Yaah 👏🏻😄🎶🎉 Thx. 💁🏼
        C’mon RAFA!! – You are doing awesome – VAMOOS!! 🎾💪🏼😅😘


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