Rafael Nadal qualifies for Tour Finals already

Rafael Nadal has become the first player to book his place at the season-ending ATP World Tour Finals in London in November after he won a record 10th French Open title in Paris on Sunday.

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He has claimed four titles on the tour this year, winning 46 matches and losing just six in a stellar 2017.


I’ve had a great season so far and I am happy to have already qualified for London.

I could not play last year because of injury so I look forward to returning in November.

Our champ has never won the event, but finished runner-up in 2010 and 2013, losing out to Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, respectively.

The ATP World Tour Finals, which features the world’s top eight singles players and top eight doubles pairs, will be held at London’s O2 Arena from Nov. 12-19.

Source: Reuters


  1. Please rest before London. Don’t burn yourself out. This time is yours, not Roger and he has been resting. I want you to take it all. I like Roger but I am your biggest fan forever so take care. I finally hope to be healthy enough to see you play in 2018. I have waited16 years young man. I would be happy just to watch you practice🎾💪❤️

  2. Rafas view on the grass season-Since I have had problems with my knee, since 2012, playing on grass has been very complicated for me,’ We’ll see how my knee behaves.Playing on grass is very special. You need to play at a lower level. The body posture is down. You have less stability. But keep in mind I played five finals in Wimbledon. I like playing on grass. On grass, anything can happen.
    I’m motivated.’That’s why ‘the two first matches could be very dangerous. I need to feel strong, low, and have powerful legs to play well in Wimbledon. If I have pain in the knees then I know from experience that it’s almost important
    If I am healthy and I am able to have the right preparation I’ll have my chances.’

    Taken from an article- No younger player has been good enough to stop the old guys. Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic are stuck in neighbouring ruts. Dominic Thiem couldn’t replicate the feat in a best-of-five; Alexander Zverev flamed out in a tough draw; David Goffin was felled by a freak tarp accident; Dimitrov will seemingly never deliver on promise; Nick Kyrgios is Nick Kyrgios. Unless any of them wake up soon, the two greatest might go on to split the rest of the year’s major spoils, too.

  3. Thumbs up for champ Rafa he played the best tournament ever he deserved too win , so proud of him best of luck and good health too him for the rest of the Season Blessings.

  4. Rafa I am quite sure you are feeling exhausted and in need of a long rest ,some relaxation and play, so take it long and easy.

    Love and prayers,


  5. A very wise choice indeed, despite it not tempering my disappointment. Rafa may have stopped throwing caution to the wind. Rest dear Rafa for the next BIG won [pun intended]. Kudos to his team.

    The Telegraph, on Rafa’s withdrawal from Queens: While the draw is still ferociously strong….the presence of Nadal ALWAYS ADDS STARDUST TO ANY TOURNAMENT.


    • Yes Margo, that comment about adding stardust is so true. I have a ticket for the quarters at Queens that I bought in the hope of seeing Andy, and then Rafa entered and changed my expectations. The hope of seeing Rafa play was the icing on the cake. I need to revise my thoughts 🙁

      Most of all I hope Rafa is OK. There were so many players injured at RG, so sad to see, hard to imagine what those guys went through. I was relieved to see Rafa emerge not only victorious but apparently unscathed. He made it look easy, but I doubt it was. Rafa must be mentally, if not physically, exhausted after that. It was an incredible performance, the whole tournament not just the final.

      I’m glad he’s getting and taking good advice. Rafa’s health is everything, stay strong and safe champ!

      • Thank you, jas_uk. Sorry you will miss Rafa at Queens but you should still be able to see some high level matches. Enjoy.

        I too hope he is well and just needs a break as I was thinking the same as you; we all know of the never-ending health issues during his career. I truly trust what Carlos said, about being adamant that Rafa not play if there were even a “hint” of injury. That is what keeps me on a high. So knowing, and very smart of Carlos to have Rafa agree to that stipulation before he would join the team. I wanna hug him. I’ll ask Nole to do it for me. LOL

        The injuries some players sustained during the FO caused me the only worry I had about Rafa not winning his DECIMA. He made it look just so easy. PHENOMENAL.

        RAFA ROCKS

  6. Sure glad Rafa finally changed coaches. It really made a difference.

    On Tue, Jun 13, 2017 at 12:56 PM, Rafael Nadal Fans wrote:

    > Rafael Nadal Fans posted: “Rafael Nadal has become the first player to > book his place at the season-ending ATP World Tour Finals in London in > November after he won a record 10th French Open title in Paris on Sunday. > He has claimed four titles on the tour this year, winning 4” >

    • Rafa did not “change” his coach. Toni is still a vital team member and will continue to have input after he starts full time at the academy in 2018.

      My guess is that Toni felt a new voice would be an asset. Also, it is possible that it was not expected for Rafa still to be on tour, in which case Rafa would be with him at the academy. As it turns out, Rafa is still a slam winner and is not yet ready to retire.


  7. breaking news:

    Rafa has withdraw from queens because he is tired after the clay court season he wants to rest and recharge the battery. He will be playing wimbeldon. Although i am dissapointed i complety understand his decision. Very good choice to skip queens and have three weeks rest

    • Mjus, thanks for the info , wasn’t expecting that but probably a very wise decision that Rafa and his team have made.

    • I am rather relieved that Rafa has listened to the doctors and his team. He is 31 years old, not 21 and it looks as though he has finally realised that. He has a clay court at his academy so can practice there, although not too obsessively I hope , as he has in the past made his practice sessions longer than his matches. I think Moya will be a calming figure there as I read where he told Rafa that part of practice is also rest. Sound advice.
      Borg has said that he expects both Roger and Rafa to be favourites for Wimbledon. I am a bit unsure about Rafa’s chances but this rest period will hopefully see him arrive there fresh and not emotionally and physically exhausted.
      Who knows.??? Rafa may yet be biting another trophy in a few weeks time. !!!

      • Hi Beverley, I think you meant to say grass courts. I too think it was a wise decision to withdraw from Queens. He might play the Boodles exhibition at the end of the month for some practice. Novak often does that and he plays no warm ups. I can’t imagine how many media requests he had after such an epic win. He had to be thrilled, but exhausted.

    • It may lead to lack of grass rhythm – I remember he had hardly any practice in 2012 (early loss in halle) and 2013 either. On the other hand, losing hard at queen’s may hurt grass confidence. He should get rest and then practice optimally on similar grass as wimbledon (boodles).

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