WATCH: Rafael Nadal Talks About Partnership With Kia Motors

In honor of ten years as Kia’s brand ambassador, Rafael Nadal shared his thoughts and feelings about working with Kia Motors.

Video: Kia Motors


      • I received it via email as a “new post”. After I asked you for help, then I realized it was 2016 😳

      • Mimi, I wasn’t referring to your comment. I meant it was weird that the old post showed up on its own. I think you responded to a comment you thought was current, not that you went way back to an old post to make a comment. It hasn’t happened in a while but the same thing happened either this year or last year.

      • Margo, I knew what you meant at 12:54 AM.
        You are right, that was what happened 🤦‍♀️


    We have The Big Four, but…

    The Four Musketeers (Les Quatre Mousquetaires) were French tennis players who dominated the game in the second half of the 1920s an early 1930s.


  2. Probably just a one off for the tournament , it certainly stood out ,off now to recharge my brain matter (surprisingly it takes more than a couple of hours contrary to belief)

  3. OK I will give you that one , perhaps it was a bit loud for Rafa , maybe more Novak’s style

    • Yeh, Rafa is classy. Couldn’t imagine him driving that car as is. Have no idea what the men at Mercedes were thinking, or not thinking…..


  4. I loved the colour Margo , it was like a giant tennis ball, he certainly woukdnt have gone unnoticed driving around Manacor

    • You just dropped a degree in coolness. LOL
      I’ve gotta side with Rafa on this one.


  5. Rafa vs The Yellow

    Does anyone recall when Rafa was presented with a garishly yellow-colored Mercedes when he won the grass court tourney at Stuttgart, 2015?

    He cracked everyone up, after having inspected the interior, “It’s not a Kia, but it’s still good.” “I don’t know if I can change the color, because the color is a little too much for me.” My friends and I couldn’t stop laughing because he was so serious AND being diplomatic simultaneously. We just couldn’t believe the color. Would Kia’s contract even allow him to drive it.


    • I was there on that occasion and the strong yellow coloured Mercedes was definitely not Rafa’s style. He was so funny. I couldn’t get access to this video.
      Rafa has got to be the best investment Kia ever made.🇪🇸🌟

  6. He he – I think the translation should have been ‘a player for all surfaces’ not surprises. I love the the way he says this x

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