VIDEO: Rafael Nadal returns to Mallorca after Australian Open loss

Rafael Nadal arrives at Palma de Mallorca airport after flying in from Australia. Welcome back home, Rafa!

Video: IB3TV


  1. Hi everybody,I,m an Iranian fan and want to know which tournament will Rafa play next?
    Is it Saopaolo?

  2. Vou estar na arquibancada do Rio open torcendo e vibrando por cada ponto, Vamos lá Touro, sua torcida é gigante, nisso não tem adversário que te supere…Bom descanso!!!

  3. Continued…
    …I have spent months withou earning any points. These points are valuable at this moment. … ( tooo fast here…) at least the best possible ranking during the first six months of the year.
    I have played more matches, I have had positive things, I have had negative things. I have overcame phases, this is the most important thing. I have overcame moments that I had to go through. I have to keep on going through things, the process is not over yet.
    At a personal level I am keeping my motivation. From now on, knowing that with passion, motivation, the logic.. (here someone speaks 🙁 )

  4. Translation

    Logic. Considering what is to b expected after weeks, months without competing, being out of the circuit. So I have had ups and downs. I have had good moments. I have had bad moments. Combining both kinds, in general and looking at the bright side, actually I have made it to quarter finals. That is not bad for the first Grand Slam of the year, to be among best 8…

  5. I think Rafa lost because his serve let him down…and that was surprising because he said he was practicing his serve a lot while in Australia. Why doesn’t he get a fabulous first serve or have as many aces as the other top 3? He’s strong enough.

    What do you guys think?

    • My understanding (from reading various comments by Rafa and others) is that 1)since Rafa is not a natural lefty, his ball toss is not as natural as it could be. 2) he had an injection to his back/spine at the end of last year, his doctor advised him not to go full force using his back.

      • Thx for replying. I mainly was wondering why Rafa could not even get in a first serve. Also, I’ve been watching him for 9 years and have never seen him double fault so much. Serving is the one thing he can control unless his back was bothering him like his hamstring too.

  6. Ante todo a descansar con María P. y en casa, desde ahora lo mejor para Río, sigues siendo ¡¡MUY GRANDE RAFA!! Desde Las I. Canarias con afecto C. Javier

  7. rafa tu es et reste le meilleur du circuit ATP soit tranquille ils ont du travail avant d’être à ton niveau … et le pires c’est qu’ile le savent …. ha ha ha t’inquiète rafa tu reste le meilleur et ils le savent

  8. Sweet Rafa, Congratulations on making the AUS OPEN Quarter Finals!!! Amazing ….that was great!!!! We LOVE you and everything you bring to Tennis. LOVE watching you on the court…. a real pleasure!!! Watching world wide so many other people liking and respecting you, that is far more important than another title….Congratulations on your Tennis Academy , and being chosen a Favorite son in Majorca….great honor! You have lots of beautiful Tennis wisdom and creative solutions and that is magical…. Millions watch your special game and love your way of playing w passion – that is exciting to see. VAMOS dear Rafa and all the best for a blessed tournament at RIO!!!

  9. Rafa is home sweet home!. Rest well and recoup. We love you and will always support you Rafa.

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