PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal loses to 17-year-old Borna Coric in Basel

World No. 3 Rafael Nadal lost in the quarterfinals of Swiss Indoors Basel to 17-year-old Borna Coric of Croatia 6-2, 7-6(4). This season is now over for our champ since he has confirmed that he will not play in Paris and London.

“I’m not going to play Paris and London, I’m not enough competitive. I’m going to have the surgery the 3rd of November. I will have treatment on my back next week, that needs a few days,” said Rafa.

Get well, Rafa!

Photos: Reuters, AP Photo, EFE


  1. me ciento un poco triste el saber tu estado de salud por lo tanto le pido a dios que te mejores para que buelbas a jugar te
    deseo lo mejor de corazon

  2. That’s a good idea Rafa, get well first, health is the most important thing. Look forward to seeing you again when you are well.

  3. The most important thing in life is our health – wishing you a speedy recovery Rafa. Glad you are getting this done soon.

  4. Rafa was not 100% and Boric had lots of matches under his belt prior to meeting his “Idol”!! Congrats to Boric and he showed such poise as a 17 year old!!! More power to him!!!!
    If Rafa was 100% I am sure he’d kill him!!! Rafa admitted being so tired before the match!! No excuses!!!!
    Hope he will be well for 2015, of course we know, Rafa “The Comeback Kid”!!!

  5. This is my second comment on Rafa’s loss today, and will, of course, express regret for his loss to Coric. However, knowing Rafa is finally going to have the appendicitis surgery without any further physical risk making the surgery MORE serious is VERY GOOD NEWS! Every negative DOES have a positive; perhaps Coric, better known as “Baby Rafa” did our Rafa a huge service today: Rafa will finally have the surgery he needs in order to continue the remarkable career he started when HE WAS a 17-year old! Congratulations to Coric, and to our much loved Rafa, a huge VAMOS, RAFA!!!

  6. I am always sad when Rafa does not win or play to his best but this is okay because now he will have his surgery, heal and get better, stronger and ready for the 2015 Australian Open!
    Onwards and upwards Rafa!
    Go take care of yourself, be surrounded by family and friends and get well soon! 🙂

  7. well try playing tennis at his level with appendecitis!!!!….just don’t know how he played the last few games at all!….and won!….Rafa would NEVER throw a game, he’s too competitive and loves the game too much to compromise himself!…..

  8. Dear Rafa, i’m very glad you get the urgent necessary surgery! Get well soon and all best wishes for you! You’re the champion, always with you!
    Greetings from Vienna, Ingeborg

  9. So glad Rafa is finally going to get his surgery and then work on his recovery.
    He’ll then be fresh and ready for 2015 which is way more important!

    I don’t even care about his loss to Coric since Rafa wasn’t even 100%!. I can’t imagine playing tennis with that ailment. It was like watching a wounded bird. Too much stress
    on the body! Rafa, always so gracious when honoring his prior comitments.

    Good luck with your surgery, Rafa. Get well soon! See you in 2015! Can’t wait!

    • Rafa did not throw the game ! !…He was trying to live up to his comitments just like the champion he is ! !…He was not 100% healthy….He will be back in 2015 and I can’t wait to watch him win again ! !

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