‘I met Rafa Nadal. It was the best day of my life.’

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On July 20, Rafael Nadal hosted the Champions Drink Responsibly party, sponsored by Bacardi Limited, on his home island of Mallorca. A lucky few got to be his guests, and as most Rafa fans, we were curious to know what it was like to be one of them. We were lucky to know a couple of people that did attend the party, who gave us a first hand account of how it was for them. Here, Andrea Azores* of Spain tells us about her experience.

When did you find out that you were going to Rafa’s party?
I was notified about the amazing news at the beginning of July.  To be honest, I couldn’t believe it. I was invited to spend a weekend in Mallorca with all expenses paid, organized by the Champions Drink Responsibly campaign and Bacardi Limited, along with the invitation to the Champions Party accompanied by Rafa Nadal and other winners from around the world. It was the best weekend of my life so far.

Did you take a guest with you, or did you go alone? What were your friends’ reaction when you told them?
I went with my boyfriend David. When I finally realized what had happened to me, I called him to tell the story and he was very pleased, as happy as I was. When my friends learnt about it, they were speechless. People didn’t believe all those contests offering trips and prizes, but after this they have started to believe, and now take part in every contest.

How did you travel to Mallorca? How long did you stay there?
I’m from Salamanca which is situated in Castilla and Leon, about 3 hours drive from Madrid.  The flight was scheduled on July 19th at 10:15 am from the Barajas airport (Madrid). We flew with Air Europa, and truth being told, that was my first time flying on a plane and it was a great experience. The flight lasted about 1 hour. When we arrived in Mallorca, Ben, a representative from Champions Drink Responsibly, was  awaiting our arrival.  Since the contest was organized at the international level, there were winners coming from various countries.

Where did you stay (which hotel)? Where was the party?
My boyfriend and I were taken to the Hotel Melia de Mar which is INCREDIBLE with beautiful sea-views and the service is excellent as well. It’s in Illetas, a countryside in Mallorca.

Was there a pre-party? Tell us about that..did you meet the other fans then? What was the atmosphere like?
Yes, the very same night (July 19th), Champions Drink Responsibly and Bacardi Limited had organized a barbecue party at the hotel’s poolside. They were from places like Singapore, Venezuela, Belgium, India and Italy. We got to know each other during the barbecue party and at the end there was a DJ and open bar with the best Bacardi cocktails. They were all delicious, especially the “Rafa Berry Smash”, I do recommend it. The next day we all shared a meal on the terrace in order to get to know each other a bit better. Everything was very tasty.

Did you meet Benito, Carlos, and Rafa’s other friends? 
The night of July 20th we all headed to Castell de Manresa in Alcudia in 3 mini-buses. It’s an impressive house with a beautiful garden. Rafa had arrived at the party with a few other friends but I didn’t talk to them much, just for a moment when they wanted to take a photo with Rafa and were looking for a girl willing to do it. I rushed to them right away but the other girls weren’t any slower either.

Was this the first time you met Rafa, or have you met him before?
It was the first time I got to see him in person. Is there a better moment to get to know him than during a relaxed party in Castell de Manresa?

What was it like, to see Rafa up close? What were your impressions of him?
Rafa was introduced at the beginning of the party by one of the organizers. He stepped onto the balcony and said a few words after which he walked down to the terrace where we all were gathered. He seemed like a very simple and down-to-earth person to me at the first sight and I wasn’t wrong. We were called one by one to take photos with him.

What did you say to Rafa? Did you get a chance to spend time with him? Did you have a conversation with him?
There were a lot of us, 70 people approximately. I didn’t talk to him much, didn’t want to overwhelm him but I did take photos and we all danced together as well above the pool which was covered and turned into a dance floor with the lights on, an open bar with mojitos being served and Krystal Roxx DJ-ing.

Did Rafa seem approachable at the party? Did he mingle with the fans?
Yes, he did talk to all of us, he was very natural and enjoyed the party with his friends and the winners. There was also a magician at the party, a make-up artist and an artist drawing caricatures.

What are your special memories that you will take from the party? 
All of them, every moment, every minute, every second of the whole weekend was INCREDIBLE. I loved it, it was unforgettable. As I said – the happiest weekend of my life.

(Translated from Spanish to English by our very own co-admin, Maria (@Mariiiia25). Gracias, Maria!)

Here are some photos taken by Andrea.

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* Andrea Azores is a girl that is keen on anything related to beauty. She has a fashion, wellness, and aesthetics blog.  Andrea can be reached via twitter at @AndreaABReina.


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