Rafael Nadal’s Nike Outfit – A Fashion Miss At Roland Garros?

That’s right! Reviews are coming in, and it looks like our beloved Rafa Nadal’s outfit at the French Open is not among the favorites this year.

Designed by Nike Tennis, the crew shirt made with perspiration-wicking Dri-FIT jersey fabric is the perfect choice for on-court comfort. The coral-orange color reflects the fiery hues of the deep red clay. The Air Max Courtballistec 4.3 shoes he wore in 2012 have been updated to fashionably match the colors of his outfit.


Roland Garros 2013
Roland Garros 2013

However, critics feel that the King of Clay, who is otherwise one of the best dressed on and off court, could do with a more exciting outfit. Jonathan Scott states in his article, Photos: French Open Fashion Hits and Misses on Tennis.com:

Let’s be clear: Rafael Nadal hardly looks bad. If this were a mindless pop-song performance, I’d say he phoned it in with this look. He’s just set such a high bar for his style, more and more refined with age, that it’s difficult to see this and not yawn.

Says Courtney Nguyen of Sports Illustrated’s Beyond The Baseline, in her article French Open Fashion Misses:

…Nadal’s Nike kit…is once again topped by a boring neutral color and not enough color to make it eye-catching. I miss the days when Nike made Nadal look like a popsicle. Let’s get back to the use of colors and patterns.

The blogging team at She’s Game Sports agrees, in French Open Fashion: The Good, The Meh, And The Ugly:

Rafa has a love of bright colors, and he doesn’t disappoint with these bright-but-tasteful coral shorts, but it’s his shirt that takes his outfit down a notch. Rafa went for a light gray top, but it’s too light and therefore just looks dingy, especially when soaked with sweat. However, the King of Clay can wear whatever he wants to Roland Garros since he’s won a record seven French Open titles and is searching for his eighth Parisian trophy this year.

So there you have it. We can interpret this to mean that Rafa looks good, but he has the potential to look absolutely fabulous, and a less neutral shirt can make all the difference. The handsome Spaniard looks best in bright colors, and to put him in a dull grey top might not be the best option for him. However, what he may lack in his outfit, he more than makes up for in his moves on court. Vam8s Rafa!


  1. Rafa, looks great in whatever he wears!!!!!!! my, prayer is his big win!!!!!!!!!!!! you, can win!!!!!!!!This will be your biggest win ever in Paris,Jewelfoster26@me.com……’MY! PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU!!!!!!!YOU KNOW YOU CAN TAKE PARIS BY STORM!!!!!!!

  2. I like it!! I think he has the best outfit at RG13!!! That said I don’t care much about it as long as he is winning!!! Vamos Rafa!!!!

  3. I think its okay its good enough even though its not my favorite outfit for Rafa, after all its not a beauty contest your out on the court for, its a Blood sweat & tears sport called Tennis very physical. Vamosse Rafa!!!!!

  4. What’s not to like about his outfit – a perfect complement to the coral of the clay on which he shows off his fantastic tennis skills. With his Castillian looks, the more neutral shade of his shirt and the darker hue of his bandanna are a fashion tribute to this gentleman, now reaching 27 years of age, who is about to break records at Roland Garros!

  5. Rafa’s outfit this season has being quite boring. I expected a change in French Open. Rafa should sport more colours coz that’s what he brings to the court, freshness, enthusiasm and challenging.

  6. Got to admit, don’t like the top, grey not a colour for someone like Rafa, he looks good in bright fresh colours come on Nike what’s up run out of ideas????

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