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Rafa Nadal Foundation Gala in Paris

Nine-time French Open champion Rafael Nadal posed with his lovely girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello at the Rafa Nadal Foundation Gala in Paris on Saturday night. Also in attendance were Rafa’s mother Ana Maria Parera and his sister Maribel, US fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, Richard Mille and many others.

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WATCH: Kids send message of support to Rafael Nadal

If Rafael Nadal was seeking emotional support through his recovery process, he just got some from a group of very young kids (who have taken part in the program Integration and Sport’). Watch it now:

Video: AldeasInfantiles

Rafa Roundup: Uncle Toni optimistic about Rafael Nadal’s performance at the US Open

Shirtless Rafael Nadal with Uncle Toni in Manacor

Photo via @cseburaska76


“It is a common injury in tennis,” said Dr. Angel Ruiz Cotorro, who is treating Nadal. Speaking to Spanish press, the doctor added that no decision could yet be taken about whether Nadal will play the Flushing Meadows major. “[Nadal] should go and have ultrasounds and scans every day to see how it recovers,” he said.

El tío y entrenador de Rafael Nadal habla en exclusiva para Punto de Break sobre el estado físico del tenista español y sus opciones de jugar el próximo US Open. Toni Nadal es optimista respecto a la participación de Nadal en el último Grand Slam del año, aunque no se pronuncia sobre su presencia en la próxima eliminatoria de la Copa Davis ante Brasil.

“With the polythene strings now being used in rackets, and the power with which players strike the ball, the wrist is vulnerable to heightened impact and we may well see more injuries of Nadal’s kind in years to come.” Barry Cowan

PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal practices in Manacor (August 4, 2014)


Last week the ATP’s No. 2 withdrew from the Rogers Cup and next week’s Western & Southern Open due to a right wrist injury he sustained in practice. But that hasn’t kept him off the practice courts (the U.S. Open is just three weeks away) — with his right wrist immobilized in a splint, the Spaniard is still hitting the cover off of the ball with his forehand.

Rafa Roundup: “I’m trying every day to work as hard as Rafael Nadal does”

Mutua Madrid Open

Photo: Mutua Madrid Open


So what’s the standard for tennis greatness today? Ten majors? Even that might not be enough. Because Federer, Nadal and Djokovic don’t just win the majors. They win everything. The 32-year-old Federer has 21 Masters trophies, six year-end championships, an Olympic silver medal and a total of 79 tour-level singles titles. (Sampras won 64 singles titles total.) Nadal has a record 27 Masters plus an Olympic gold medal. At 28, he has 64 titles overall. Djokovic has won 19 Masters and an Olympic bronze medal. He has three year-end championships and 45 titles total.

Q. You had an opportunity to train with Rafael Nadal. Tell us about that experience, what were the trainings like… How did that cooperation come to be? Borna Coric: “I got that opportunity because our managers know each other. It was an incredible opportunity, comparable to the match against Andy Murray. I learned a lot and had an opportunity to see how the best in the world train. Now I’m trying to follow in his footsteps to prosper. The trainings could be said to be similar, depending on whether I need to work on my forehand or backhand, but the intensity of his training is just incredible and I’m trying every day to work as hard as he does.”

Para el entrenador no le preocupa “ser número 1 o número 2″, pero si que estan preocupados por la derrota ante Nick Kyrgios, aunque Toni considera que Nadal “no tuvo un día muy acertado contra un jugador que le entró todo y por eso perdió”. … El entrenador salio al paso de los rumores que decian que Rafa no se encontraba bien físicamente y dijo que “lleva diez años seguidos ganando al menos un Grand Slam”.

Rafa's mum Ana Maria Parera / Photo: Fundación Rafa Nadal

Rafa’s mum Ana Maria Parera / Photo: Fundación Rafa Nadal

El circuito juvenil de tenis Rafa Nadal Tour by Mapfre celebrará su tercer torneo, tras los completados en Sevilla y Barcelona, en el Club Internacional de Tenis de Madrid a partir de este sábado y hasta el próximo 26 de julio, albergando un total de 250 partidos, entre la Fase Previa y la Fase Final, en los que competirán más de 230 chicos y chicas.

Como extra, además, y desde su primera edición, los organizadores del torneo de golf benéfico han contado el apoyo y la presencia del tenista Rafael Nadal así como de su familia.


VIDEO: Rafael Nadal qualifies for 2014 Barclays ATP World Tour Finals

Rafa Roundup: ‘We need someone like Rafael Nadal to be World No.1′




“In this game we need someone like Rafael Nadal to be World No.1. He puts such passion in his game in a way that never fails to excite me. Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic sure have the talent, but Rafa has it as well, but he brings a whole lot more of emotions together with that. An example? When he came back from his injury in 2013, to end up collecting all those incredible wins.”

El jefe de los servicios médicos de la Federación Española de Tenis y doctor personal de Rafael Nadal, Ángel Ruiz Cotorro, ha advertido del peligro que suponen para el deporte de la raqueta las lesiones de cadera, que afectan cada vez más a los deportistas a temprana edad y que ponen en juego el futuro. “El tenis nos está ganando la batalla”, dijo.

A repeat men’s singles title for Rafael Nadal in 2014 would earn him a US Open record $3 million in prize money.

Desde la Fundación Rafa Nadal trabajamos para poner nuestro granito de arena y contribuir a invertir esta alarmante situación, ofreciendo a niños y jóvenes más y mejores oportunidades de desarrollo personal y social. Luchar en favor a los derechos de los pequeños es construir un mundo mejor para todos: ellos son el futuro.

La propuesta, que se ha aprobado en sesión plenaria, reconoce la extraordinaria carrera deportiva de Nadal; número 1 del ranking ATP en varias ocasiones, 14 títulos de Gran Slam, nueve en Roland Garros; 25 Master 1000, ocho de los cuales consecutivos en Montecarlo, y 81 victorias consecutivas sobre tierra batida entre los años 2005 y 2007. El acuerdo recoge también los valores humanos y culturales de Rafael Nadal así como la perseverancia y la exigencia en el aprendizaje, su capacidad de esfuerzo, constancia y fortaleza mental.

 Daily Mail

Daily Mail

El delantero del Real Madrid, quien cayó lesionado en el primer tiempo del partido de cuartos de final de la Copa del Mundo frente a Bélgica, se mira en el espejo del tenista Rafa Nadal para conseguir la machada. Nadal renovó la salud de sus rodillas en 2013 con inyecciones de plasma enriquecido con células madre que le ayudaron a reemplazar el tejido dañado por sus lesiones, y así pudo regresar al circuito ATP de tenis en un estado de forma ideal.

PHOTOS: Rafa enjoys a sun-soaked holiday in Ibiza


Rafael Nadal signs deal with Telefónica

World No. 1 Rafael Nadal will be Telefónica’s new global ambassador until 2020. He will represent both the institutional brand and the commercial brands – Movistar, O2 and Vivo – in Spain, United Kingdom, Germany and the Latin American countries where the company operates.

One of the most important initiatives that will be rolled out through that sponsorship is the “Rafa Nadal Academy By Movistar”, the tennis academy that Rafa will open in his native Majorca to promote the values of sport, and particularly tennis, among children. Through the academy, Fundación Rafa Nadal and Fundación Telefónica will implement solidary projects related to disability and tennis and every year they will award Telefónica Grants to underprivileged young people, among other initiatives.


Happy Mother’s Day, Ana María Parera!

This Sunday, May 11 2014, is Mother’s Day in several parts of the world. Rafa is very close to his mum Ana Maria Parera (along with the rest of the family), and Ms. Parera is a fixture in Team Nadal, traveling the world in support of her son. Besides being one of his pillars, she is also the president of the Rafa Nadal Foundation.

Many things that make Rafa different from many who found fame – his humbleness, politeness, and respect for others – are because of his excellent rearing. So what gift do you give one of the best moms ever? Could the perfect gift for Rafa’s mum this Mothers Day be the Ion Tiriac trophy at the Mutua Madrid Open? We’ll see ;)

Thank you, Ms. Parera, for Rafa, and a very Happy Mother’s Day to you!

Vamos Rafa!

Rafa Roundup: Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are box office gold for Miami


… Nadal and Federer are box office gold for any tournament and with the Spaniard missing due to a knee injury and the Swiss maestro on an extended break last year’s attendance dropped 5.5 percent to 308,000. “Anytime you have two stars the size of Roger and Rafa, guys who are bigger than the sport, bigger than tennis, missing it hurts,” tournament director Adam Barrett told Reuters on Monday.”These guys are superstars, they draw crowds whether they are at the airport, a hotel or walking through a mall.

…Ten years have now passed since the Roger Federer-Rafael Nadal rivalry tossed up its first tennis ball at the Miami 2004 NASDAQ-100 Open. It was a beginning that nobody could have foreseen. Who knew that this quiet, third-round match would plant the seeds to grow a golden age of tennis?

… So, tonight Rafa sat down for an hour with Daniel Negreanu at his side and took on the world in a game of six-max Zoom on PokerStars. While Rafa played, his fans played along and asked questions during the live webcast of the event… Over the course of the next sixty minutes, Rafa answered questions from fans about everything from his toughest opponents to his favorite shampoo. What’s more, the native Spaniard spoke in English the entire time while still trying to concentrate on poker’s fastest action.

… “Usually when they come by, we close the salon,” Farel explained. “Sometimes Nadal comes in the middle of clients, giving kisses and hugging and giving pictures to everyone. I thought that was really wonderful that he was so humble.” “His hair helps with his performance, and it’s very important to him for sure,” he said. “It’s a power weapon. When he comes to my chair, I do what I want. I usually give him a look where it’s framing his face properly. We also try to make sure when he takes off his bandana, his hair falls into place.”



Rafa Nadal Foundation and MAPFRE present Rafa Nadal Tour junior circuit in Spain



Rafael Nadal announced via Twitter today the creation of the Rafa Nadal Tour by MAPFRE, in conjunction with the Rafa Nadal Foundation and several other sponsors, a junior tennis circuit tour for boys and girls in the under 13 and under 15 categories. Its mission is to develop values that promote personal and athletic development, education and sportsmanship for its participants.

The tour will consist of 3 stages, beginning in Seville, progressing to Barcelona, Madrid, and a Masters Final in Rafa’s home turf of Mallorca. Proceeds will benefit the Foundation, which helps children and adolescents at the risk of exclusion via sports and educational programs.The first leg of the circuit is slated to start in Seville in March. Subsequent events will be held up until the final in late September in Mallorca. The registration fee is a nominal  €25 per player for each stage.

The tour seems like an excellent initiative that will promote tennis while helping youngsters, and should serve as an example to others to adapt in areas where tennis is inaccessible or unpopular.  Vamos, Rafa Nadal Tour, we wish you success!

Follow the Rafa Nadal Foundation on twitter at @frnadal or click here to read their blog.


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