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Rafa Roundup: Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are box office gold for Miami


… Nadal and Federer are box office gold for any tournament and with the Spaniard missing due to a knee injury and the Swiss maestro on an extended break last year’s attendance dropped 5.5 percent to 308,000. “Anytime you have two stars the size of Roger and Rafa, guys who are bigger than the sport, bigger than tennis, missing it hurts,” tournament director Adam Barrett told Reuters on Monday.”These guys are superstars, they draw crowds whether they are at the airport, a hotel or walking through a mall.

…Ten years have now passed since the Roger Federer-Rafael Nadal rivalry tossed up its first tennis ball at the Miami 2004 NASDAQ-100 Open. It was a beginning that nobody could have foreseen. Who knew that this quiet, third-round match would plant the seeds to grow a golden age of tennis?

… So, tonight Rafa sat down for an hour with Daniel Negreanu at his side and took on the world in a game of six-max Zoom on PokerStars. While Rafa played, his fans played along and asked questions during the live webcast of the event… Over the course of the next sixty minutes, Rafa answered questions from fans about everything from his toughest opponents to his favorite shampoo. What’s more, the native Spaniard spoke in English the entire time while still trying to concentrate on poker’s fastest action.

… “Usually when they come by, we close the salon,” Farel explained. “Sometimes Nadal comes in the middle of clients, giving kisses and hugging and giving pictures to everyone. I thought that was really wonderful that he was so humble.” “His hair helps with his performance, and it’s very important to him for sure,” he said. “It’s a power weapon. When he comes to my chair, I do what I want. I usually give him a look where it’s framing his face properly. We also try to make sure when he takes off his bandana, his hair falls into place.”



Rafa Nadal Foundation and MAPFRE present Rafa Nadal Tour junior circuit in Spain



Rafael Nadal announced via Twitter today the creation of the Rafa Nadal Tour by MAPFRE, in conjunction with the Rafa Nadal Foundation and several other sponsors, a junior tennis circuit tour for boys and girls in the under 13 and under 15 categories. Its mission is to develop values that promote personal and athletic development, education and sportsmanship for its participants.

The tour will consist of 3 stages, beginning in Seville, progressing to Barcelona, Madrid, and a Masters Final in Rafa’s home turf of Mallorca. Proceeds will benefit the Foundation, which helps children and adolescents at the risk of exclusion via sports and educational programs.The first leg of the circuit is slated to start in Seville in March. Subsequent events will be held up until the final in late September in Mallorca. The registration fee is a nominal  €25 per player for each stage.

The tour seems like an excellent initiative that will promote tennis while helping youngsters, and should serve as an example to others to adapt in areas where tennis is inaccessible or unpopular.  Vamos, Rafa Nadal Tour, we wish you success!

Follow the Rafa Nadal Foundation on twitter at @frnadal or click here to read their blog.

Buy Rafa Pocoyoizado and support Rafa Nadal Foundation



Thanks to Kia you can support Rafa Nadal Foundation buying exclusive Rafa Pocoyoizado. All profits will be earmarked to Anantapur Educational Center project. You can make a child happy and at the same time offer new opportunities for other children in India!  VAMOS RAFA FANS!

Rafa Nadal Foundation introduces a blog


Rafael Nadal and his mother Ana Maria Parera

The Rafa Nadal Foundation’s webpage, which is available in Spanish, English and Catalan, has a new blog, where the foundation invites people to provide input, make comments, and give them feedback. The blog is currently in Spanish only. There are also other ways to help the foundation, by making a purchase from their shop, with proceeds benefiting the foundation. It’s a great way to help a worthy cause.

The foundation aims to help marginalized and discriminated children, socially and personally integrate by providing educational programs in sports. Founded by Rafael Nadal, it currently runs programs for children in Spain and an educational center in India, and has plans to expand to other locations. The foundation is run by the Nadal family and close friends. Rafa’s mother, Ana Maria Parera, is the president, and father Sebastian is the Secretary. Maria Francisca Perello is the Director of Social Integration.

We are so proud of the foundation, and it’s a pleasure to see that our champion has a big heart and a love for children.


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